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School travel plans


A school travel plan helps encourage more pupils, parents and staff to use more sustainable methods of travel on their journey to and from school, along with an improved level of safety and reduced traffic around schools especially during peak times.


The benefits:

  • less cars and congestion and therefore less pollution around the school site
  • improved school grounds with provisions for bicycle storage.
  • enhance recruitment opportunities and reduce staff turnover
  • reduction in absenteeism
  • pupils and staff who walk or cycle to school tend to be fitter, healthier and more productive in the classroom
  • safer walking and cycling routes around the school
  • a more accessible site which will improve the attendance and achievement of the school


The benefits:

  • involve the pupils in changing their surrounding environment
  • reduction in absenteeism
  • pupils who walk or cycle to school will be fitter, healthier and more productive in the classroom
  • provide the opportunity to build healthy exercise into daily life
  • reduced commute time

Parents of pupils

The benefits:

  • reduce the cost of travel
  • reduced carbon footprint
  • reduce the time of escorting children

Community and environment

The benefits:

  • raise awareness of the consequences of travel choices and highlight the benefits of choosing suitable alternatives
  • minimise the impact of travel on the environment, improve local air quality and reduce harmful emissions

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