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Trading Standards

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Trading Standards is here to help ensure that consumers throughout North East Lincolnshire can have confidence that they’ll be treated fairly and within the law by businesses.

However, we realise that sometimes things go wrong and consumers feel they’ve gotten a raw deal. Unfortunately, while we don’t give consumer advice on individual matters, we work with the Citizens Advice consumer services, who can advise you of your rights and what action you can take against a trader.

You can contact the Citizens Advice consumer service on  03454 040506 or using their online form.

We realise that understanding and complying with legislation can seem daunting, especially if you’re a small business owner. However, it is important to know what laws you need to follow as a trader. After all, a customer is unlikely to come back if they think they were treated badly due to a business not knowing its rights and obligations.

Trading Standards is here to help, as we’re happy to advise businesses on what they need to do to comply with legislation, whether it’s how to deal with food labelling, signage on your premises, or any other area of trading law.

North East Lincolnshire Council Trading Standards team isn’t just about trying to catch businesses out when they get something wrong, its about helping you get it right the first time. Even if something isn’t quite correct, we’re more likely to give you time to sort it out than prosecute, so get in touch or browse through the online guidance at business companion.

If you need more help and support contact the Citizens Advice service on 03454 040506 or using their online form. They will pass your enquiry onto us to respond to.