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Single person council tax discount review

We are reviewing all households within the North East Lincolnshire area that receive a single person discount on their Council Tax bill. We do this by comparing our records to those held by a Credit Reference Agency.

We have a duty to ensure that where a discount is awarded there is a genuine entitlement. You are receiving a letter because the data-matching has identified that there may be another adult living in your property. We are simply verifying that you are still entitled to the discount.

Data-matching with credit reference agencies

We match our Council Tax records with third party sources and specialist validation services. Addresses of those in receipt of the discount are passed to a credit reference agency who run a search to match other data sources such as the electoral register or credit agreements. They then provide us with a list of possible adults at a property.

The credit reference agency holds the data for the correct purposes for example the levying and collection of a tax. The data is held for as long as required then destroyed. No database is compiled that could be shared with or accessed by other bodies or sources.

We do not hold any credit information. If you want to see your credit file, you should contact any of the major credit referencing agencies:

  • TransUnion (formerly CallCredit)
  • Experian
  • Equifax

Complete the review

You have 14 days from receiving your letter to complete and submit the single person council tax discount review form. If you do not submit the form we will assume that your circumstances have changed and you are no longer entitled to the discount. The discount will be removed and a new bill will be sent to you. If you receive a reminder letter you should complete the form as previously requested.

If you have recently let us know about a change in circumstances, you must still complete the form and include all the details of your current situation.

If someone is using your address for correspondence only, please provide their name and the address at which they actually live on the review form so that it can be verified. You can supply more information if you think it may be relevant.

If you still receive post for the previous occupier you should notify the Council that you are the new occupier by completing the online change of address form.

If a friend stays with you three or four nights a week, and keeps their belongings at your house it may be classed as their main residence, and you will no longer be eligible for the discount.  Some of the questions we may ask are:

  • Where do they stay for the other nights? If they stay at various addresses but keep their belongings at your property, we may treat their main residence would be your address.
  • What address do their doctor/dentist/employer hold for them? 
  • Does your friend work away and stay at your address on their days off?
  • Do they have another address where they are responsible for bills?

You should provide as much information as possible. Only complete this form if you are a resident of North East Lincolnshire.