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Social care

Visit our Safeguarding and social care section for more details.

Emergency planning and flooding

Visit our Emergency planning and flooding section for more information.


Telephone number: 01472 326286

Option 1 – Libraries

Option 2 – Tourism and Arts

Option 3 – Leisure Centres, swimming pools and sports centres

Telephone number: 0300 3030164

Option 1 – Make a payment

Option 2 – Debt Management

Option 3 – Benefits

Option 4 – Business Rates

Option 5 – Council Tax

Telephone number: 01472 326288

Option 1 –  Bin or box collection service

Option 2 – New, replacement containers or repairs

Option 3 – Garden waste and recycling

Option 4 – Bulky waste, white goods, clinical waste and sharps collection

Option 5 – Community recycling centre enquires

Option 6 – Asbestos disposal enquiries

Telephone number: 01472 326289

Option 1 – Planning

Option 2 – Building Control

Option 3 – Council Assets, buildings, valuations and architects and asset management service desk

Telephone number: 01472 326294

Option 1 – Careers Advice Services (Lincs 2)

Option 2 – Educational Visits and Outdoor Learning

Option 3 – Young People’s Support Projects

Option 4 – Young and Safe

Option 5 – Youth Offending Service

Telephone number: 01472 326290

Option 1 – Phone and ride

Option 2 – Parking services

Option 3 – Education transport

Option 4 – Report issues about roads, street lighting, footways and drains

Telephone number: 01472 326291

Option 1 – Education Welfare Service

Option 2 – Education transport

Option 3 – Support for children special educational needs

Option 4 – School admissions

Option 5 – Adult Education and Community Learning

Option 6 – School Exclusions

Telephone number: 01472 326292

Option 1 – For information and advise about childcare, funding and activities

Option 2 –  Query or concern about a child

Option 3 – Family Hubs

Option 4 – Fostering and adoption

Option 5 – Services for children with a disability

Option 6 – Special educational needs

Option 7 – Through Care

Option 8 – Local Safeguarding Children’s Board

Telephone number: 01472 326300

Option 1 – Street cleansing

Option 2 – Roads, footpaths and drains

Option 3 – Nuisance, antisocial behaviour and abandoned vehicles

Option 4 – Trees, parks and open spaces

Option 5 – Anything else

Telephone number: 01472 326295

Option 1 – Make an appointment to register a Birth or Death

Option 2 – Marriages and citizenships enquiries

Option 3 – Duplicate or replacement certificate

Option 4 – Bereavement services

Telephone number: 01472 326296

Option 1 –  Homelessness

Option 2 – Home choice lincs

Option 3 – Advice or assistance on rented property conditions

Option 4 – Grants for people with a disability

Option 5 – Heating and energy installation grants

Option 6 – Empty homes and derelict land

Telephone number: 01472 326297

Option 1 – Investing in North East Lincolnshire

Option 2 – Business Centres and Business Units

Option 3 – Regeneration Projects and Grants

Option 4 – Job related enquiries

Telephone number: 01472 326298

Option 1 – Report Benefit Fraud

Option 2 – Make a complaint, provide feedback or give a compliment

Option 3 – Information requests

Option 4 – Whistleblowing

Option 5 – Report Councillor or Officer Fraud

Telephone number: 01472 326299

Option 1 – Environment Health

Option 2 – Licensing

Option 3 – Trading Standards

Telephone number: 01472 313131

Option 1 – if you know the extension number press 1 now

Option 2 – if you wish to make a payment

Option 3 – for Housing benefit, Council Tax or Business Rates

Option 4 – for Refuse collection, garden waste collection and recycling collection

Option 5 – to report problems about streets, street lighting, parks or open spaces

Option 6 – to speak to an agent


Any incoming post for North East Lincolnshire Council can be sent to North East Lincolnshire Council, Municipal Offices, Town Hall Square, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, DN31 1HU

Any item of incoming postage that has been held as undeliverable due to insufficient postage paid will not be collected by North East Lincolnshire Council. Any item will remain in possession of the external postal service used by the sender until such a time that the sender pays all outstanding postage fees. Whilst the external postage service has any items in their possession all accountability for loss, damage, theft rests with them and as such any associated queries/correspondence should also be directed to the external postal service. North East Lincolnshire Council would highly recommend that items of value are never sent through the post, if sending by post cannot be avoided then items should be sent by recorded delivery.