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Bin collections update

2:55 pm, Thursday, 24th August 2023 - 10 months ago

Bins, waste and recycling

16 October 2023

We are working to our usual bin collection schedule. If we don’t get to your street on your usual bin day, take in your bins and put them out before 7am the next day. We will empty them as soon as possible.

There’s often no need to call us if your street is missed. You can report missed bin collections at

Advice to households

Check your bin day online at

We’re sorry if your recycling bin wasn’t emptied when collections were suspended for 14 days in July and August. We will return on your next scheduled collection day. Please put your bin out on your normal collection date.

If there’s not enough room in your recycling bin to wait until your next collection, fold down boxes and squash plastic bottles and drinks cans to make more space.

If you’ve already done this, our advice is to put your recycling in your household waste bin until your recycling bin is emptied. Household waste is used to generate electricity at the energy from waste plant. Hardly any goes to landfill.

You can also take your household waste and recycling to the Community Recycling Centres (CRCs or tips) in Grimsby and Immingham. More details at

If we don’t get to your street on your usual bin day, take in your bins and put them out before 7am the next day.

Please do not leave unemptied recycling bins in the street, bring them back onto your property.

How many bins do we empty?

Average number of bins to empty each day

Household waste: 7,136

Dry recycling: 6,964

Garden waste: 2,764

Total number of bins to empty over two-weeks

Household waste (green bins): 71,363

Dry recycling (grey or blue bins): 69,464

Garden waste (brown bins): 27,640

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