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House demolition brings peace to neighbourhood

A troublesome property in Grimsby, which has been the source of problems for neighbouring residents, has finally been demolished. The property on Shelley Avenue in Grimsby was demolished after sitting empty since 2005 due to its poor condition. In the 16 years that the property has been unoccupied, it has attracted a significant amount of…

3 years ago | Homes and property
Before and after photo of the site

Landlords could face hefty fines if they fail to bring properties up to energy efficiency standards

Local landlords letting energy inefficient properties could receive hefty fines under new Government legislation, North East Lincolnshire Council’s housing officers have warned. The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) legislation, which was updated in April last year, requires all rented properties on new or existing tenancies to hold an Energy Efficiency Certificate (EPC) rating of E…

3 years ago | Homes and property

Over 2,000 empty properties in North East Lincolnshire

There are more than 2,000 properties standing empty in our area, figures released by the Council this week revealed. Of these properties, which are located in all parts of the borough and ranging from small flats to large houses with multiple bedrooms, only 502 have stood empty for more than 2 years. 148 of these…

3 years ago | Homes and property

Free training available for local landlords

Local landlords are set to benefit from some free online training opportunities thanks to a partnership between North East Lincolnshire Council and regeneration partner, ENGIE, DASH services and City of York Council. A limited number of places on the two free training courses, which focus on developing the skills and knowledge of local landlords, will…

3 years ago | Homes and property

Coronavirus guidance issued to landlords and letting agents

Officers from North East Lincolnshire Council have contacted landlords of Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO) in the area to issue guidance to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks on their properties. The guidance, which has been compiled by the Council’s Public Health team, explains what landlords, letting agents and property managers should do if they suspect a tenant…

4 years ago | Health and wellbeing