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I am homeless

Rough sleeper

We work together with Harbour Place to make sure that nobody has to sleep on our streets.

If you’re sleeping rough or think that you might have found someone who is, please ring Harbour Place  01472 355234 or the Homelessness Prevention team 01472 326296 option 1 or report it on Streetlink .

Please give as much detail as possible such as:

  • where have seen the person sleeping
  • male or female
  • age
  • any clear features
  • clothes they were wearing
  • colour of sleeping bag

All this information will help outreach workers find the rough sleeper and offer them help.

Sofa surfer

Are you looking for a place to stay each night? Or only have a place to stay for a couple of nights at a time? You may be considered homeless and you need to contact us as soon as possible.

If you’re getting support from a professional, they can help you fill in applications for supported accommodation or social housing.

If you can’t find somewhere to stay, we have some helpful advice on rough sleeping but we can’t be sure that you’ll be offered emergency accommodation.

Please fill in a service referral form and if you’re eligible we have a duty to help you for 56 days.

I will be homeless tonight

It’s important you ring us straight away 01472 326296 option 1.

You may be placed in temporary accommodation for the night or over the weekend if there is reason to believe you may be ‘priority’ and you or a member of your household is vulnerable. On the next working day a Homeless Prevention Officer will need to see you for a full assessment at the Civic Offices in Cleethorpes at 9am. If you fail to attend the office before 10am on the next working day, or to make contact with the Homelessness Prevention Service, your place will be cancelled.

Out of hours emergency contact 01472 326296 option 1.