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Homelessness Prevention service

Will you be roofless tonight? Or do any of the following apply to you? If so, it’s important you contact us!

  • no accommodation is available to you
  • entry cannot be secured to accommodation which you own
  • accommodation is movable such as a caravan or boat and there is nowhere for it to be lawfully placed
  • accommodation is unsuitable for you to return to the property (fleeing due to violence or harassment)

Before you start

You must be a UK citizen living in the UK or returning after living aboard for more than 2 years. If you aren’t a UK citizen, a case officer will decide if your immigration status, nationality, economic status, length of time in the country meets the guidance.

We will book an appointment to discuss your housing options and agree a personal housing plan with actions we will both take to help ease your homelessness.

I am already homeless

Rough sleeper, sofa surfer and I will be homeless tonight.

Being evicted

Evicted by your family or friend, landlord or letting agent and hostel.

Becoming homeless in an emergency

Homeless due to a fire or flood, victim of domestic abuse and the severe weather emergency protocol.

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