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Being evicted

Evicted by your family or friends

If you leave with nowhere to go and nothing prepared, you may find yourself in a worse situation.

Find somewhere to stay for a couple of nights until everyone has calmed down can help.

  1. Talk to your relative and try work out the problems calmly.
  2. Try agree on some changes so you’ll be able to stay, even if it’s only temporary until you find somewhere to go, if you need some support we can offer mediation.
  3. If you can’t sort out the issues, tell someone close to you about the issues you’re having at home and ask for help.

Depending on your age and support needs, we will agree a personal housing plan to help you find somewhere new to live. The housing options available to you will depend on your finances, we will help you fill in a referral for supported housing or help you to apply for social or private rented housing.

If we can help you return home this would be the best outcome, however we wouldn’t want you to go back if you’re at risk of violence or abuse, if you’re under the age of 18 we will need to involve children’s social services so they can check your situation.

  • If your relationship with your family has broken down due to your sexual orientation or gender identity you may want to contact The Albert Kennedy Trust .
  • For advice and information on drugs and their effects Talk To Frank .

Please fill in a service referral form and if you’re eligible we have a duty to help you for 56 days.

Evicted by your landlord or letting agent

Your landlord must give you notice, the type and length of the notice can vary depending on the tenancy you have. Do not leave your home until you’re sure the notice served is legal.

Types of notices and evictions

  • Section 21 notice gives you a minimum of 2 months to leave the property, the landlord doesn’t need a reason to evict you.
  • Section 8 notice are served by landlords if you have broken the terms of your tenancy agreement or not paid rent.
  • Retaliation evictions usually happen when a landlord decides to evict a tenant due to complaints made to the council for repairs which haven’t been done.

Illegal action

  • changing the locks while you’re out to prevent you getting back into the property
  • harassment or threatening to physically evict you
  • physically evicting you from the property

Shelter  and GOV.UK  have more information and advice for notices and private renting. You can also fill in our service referral and we can work with you and your landlord to prevent you from becoming homeless.

Please fill in a service referral form and if you’re eligible we have a duty to help you for 56 days.

Evicted from a hostel

If you’ve been evicted from a hostel due to your behaviour or being in rent arrears, it will be hard to find another room in supported housing. You must follow the rules and if you have any problems in the supported accommodation please speak to your support worker as they want to help you to prepare for independent living.

However, if this is not possible, please speak to your support worker to complete a new Gateway referral and the service referral form to the Homelessness Prevention Service if they have to evict you.

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