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I need to move home

Homelessness Prevention Service

If you’re homeless or threatened with homelessness within 56 days you could be eligible for help, the council is under a prevention duty to help you to stay in your current home where possible. If it’s not possible for you to stay at your current home, we will help you to find another home or temporary accommodation.

It’s important you contact us as early as possible to make sure we can help you to move without any worry or problems.

Unsuitable home

Your home is no longer suitable, disabilities facilities grant, social housing and home choice lincs.

Risk of violence or domestic abuse

Women’s Aid, Men’s advice line and domestic violence helpline.

Difficulty paying rent or your mortgage

Types of notices and evictions from your landlord, illegal action, housing benefits or universal credits and rent or mortgage arrears.

Asked to leave by friend or family

What to do if you’ve been asked to leave with nowhere to go, advice if you’re under 18 and advice if you’re aged between 18 and 35.

Leaving temporary accommodation

Leaving the armed forces, hospital or care setting, moving out of a hostel and if being discharged from prison.

Young person leaving care

What to do if you’re leaving care and Through Care.