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Difficulty paying rent or your mortgage

For information surrounding notices and evictions, including making sure it is legal, please go to the being evicted webpage.

Types of support available to help pay your rent or mortgage

Housing benefit or universal credit

If you’re having trouble with your landlord because of delayed benefit payments, we can help you resolve this issue.

If you’re struggling to pay your rent we can help with by filling in an application for housing benefit or Universal Credit. If there is a gap between receiving a payment for housing benefit or universal credit and your rent is due, there is a discretionary housing payment which we can support you in applying for.

Rent or mortgage arrears

Sometimes rent or mortgage arrears have been caused by a temporary issue, we can help you talk with your landlord or mortgage company to come up with an agreed plan to re-pay the arrears. Support will be given for budgeting and a scheme is available for homeowners to have breathing space to get over the temporary period. We can also help with filling in court defence forms and being with you in court if necessary.

If you still require assistance in preventing your homelessness, please fill in our service request form as early as possible.