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Moving out of care

If you are a care leaver you have a right to homelessness prevention help if:

  • you have been in local authority care for 13 weeks since the age of 14
  • some of that time was whilst you were 16 or 17
  • and you are now aged 18 to 21 (or in some circumstances up to the age of 25)

If you are under 18, the Council’s Children’s Services must help with your housing, education, training and finances. When you are ready to move on into independent living, your The Children Looked After and New Futures worker will talk to you about housing options and will refer you to the Homelessness Prevention service.

At an interview, we will talk about the help available to you, and a personal housing plan agreed for you to remain where you are, or to find somewhere new to live in social, private or supported housing. You can have someone with you to support you if you feel this would help.

We may provide you with temporary accommodation which is likely to be in a supported housing project. We will work with you and your The Children Looked After and New Futures worker to find a fix to your housing issues.

If you need help preventing your homelessness please fill in the service request form as early as possible.