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Leaving temporary accommodation

Left the armed forces

You may be a ‘priority need’ for temporary accommodation, however not everyone leaving the armed forces can be housed temporarily. A face to face interview can be arranged to talk about all your housing options and help with filling in any referrals.

Vulnerable priority needs:

  • service length and your job
  • time in a military hospital
  • discharged on medical grounds (have a medical release form)
  • been in accommodation since leaving service
  • time since you left service

Leaving hospital or a care setting

If you are or will be homeless after being discharged from hospital due to your current home being unsuitable or that you have no place to stay, you should let staff know as soon as possible.

The hospital or your health professional have a duty to contact the Homelessness Prevention service, we will discuss with the Hospital Discharge Team and Focus (Adult Social Care) in assessing you and arrange a face to face interview.

Moving out of a hostel

If you’re ready to move on to independent living, your support worker can help you apply for social or private renting accommodation. They can also help you to apply for a discretionary housing payment for moving costs.

If you’re being evicted from a a hostel, ask your support worker to complete a new Gateway referral for supported accommodation.

Discharged from prison

We may be able to help you find somewhere to stay on your release, we will consider if you could be a ‘priority need’ for housing in temporary accommodation, not everyone leaving prison will be accommodated temporarily as all applicants are assessed individually and housing options are discussed face to face at an interview.

We can help with Gateway referrals and applications for social/private housing.

We consider:

  • mental illness
  • learning disability
  • physical disability
  • worked in the armed forces
  • fleeing violence or threats of violence

Also the length of time you have spent in prison along with:

  • if you’re receiving third party support – probation, drug and alcohol team, mental health (eg Navigo).
  • considered to be vulnerable
  • ability to find your own accommodation
  • support groups you may have

If you’re a single person prior to release you could ask a professional to complete a Gateway referral.

If you need help preventing your homelessness please fill in the service request form as early as possible.