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What should I do after a flood?

Report a flood

Depending on the source of the flooding you will need to report it to the following organisations:

  • If the water is coming out of a drain or manhole you should contact Anglian Water on 03457 145 145. If the water is contaminated with sewage they will clear it up.
  • If the flooding is coming from a main river or the sea the Environment Agency should be informed by calling their Floodline number 0345 988 1188.
  • If the flooding is coming from a watercourse and you are in a drainage board area call either of the following numbers;
    • North East Lindsey Drainage Board 01469 588 991,
    • Lindsey Marsh Drainage Board 01507 328095
  • For any other sources of flooding or if you are unsure please call North East Lincolnshire Council on 01472 313131.

Please be aware that these organisations will share this information with the council so that we can carry out our statutory duty to investigate the flooding.

After a flood

The Humber Local Resilience Forum have provided advice on flood recovery which can be found in a leaflet on their website:

Here you will find information about the dangers of entering floodwater, the clean-up process and the health risks of polluted floodwater.

Please also make sure that you report your flooding to the responsible authority.

If your house has been flooded, please complete the Household Flooding – Recovery Questionnaire and send it to us.

If the flooding came from the sewers and has contaminated your property you will need to call Anglian Water on 03457 145 145 as they will be able to help clear up and disinfect.

To begin the process of recovery you are likely to have to contact your insurance company.  The Association of British Insurers (ABI) have produced the following guidance on what you can expect from your insurance company and ways of repairing your property to aid recovery and prevent damage if a flood were to occur again: