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Temporary bus stop closures

You must apply for permission to temporarily close a bus stop if you are planning utility works that affect a bus route or obstruct a bus stop.

A temporary bus stop may need to be provided nearby and the proposed location should be approved by a Road Safety Engineer.

If permission is granted you will need to:

  • Put up a notice giving at least 2 weeks’ notice of the closure (template provided) stating where the temporary stop will be, the date and times of the bus stop closure and where the temporary bus stop will be located.
  • Ensure that the closed bus stop is bagged off.
  • Ensure that the works stay with the boundaries permitted.
  • Ensure that once the works are completed that the bus stop is reopened and all temporary bus stop materials are removed.

We ask that all works take place outside of peak commuter hours and school term time wherever possible, to reduce disruption to commuters and bus operators.

Before you apply

You will need:

  • Bus stop location (road name, area, and if known the bus stop name or number) Planning help can be found at
  • Date and times of the planned works
  • Number of bus stops affected

To apply complete the Temporary bus stop closure form.

What happens next

We will contact you within 3 to 5 working days.

A separate permit will be needed to carry out the roadworks.