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Roadworks information for utility companies

Utility companies and their appointed contractors have a right to install new equipment and repair or maintain their equipment within the adopted highway without written permission from us, the local highway authority.

However, certain types of traffic management do require written permission:

  • portable traffic signals
  • road closures
  • suspension of bus stops
  • highways with Section 58 notices

Portable traffic signals

The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 (Part 6. Para 6. Schedule 14) states that anyone using portable traffic signals are required to get written permission from us, the highway authority.

To apply for permission complete our Portable traffic signals form . You must allow 10 working days for permission to be granted.

The use of Stop/Go Boards do not require permission but should be shown in the traffic management section of the street works notice.

To report issues with temporary signals complete Temporary traffic signals report .

Road closures

The Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (Part II, Section 14) requires a legal notice to be in place before the closure takes place.

To apply for a road closure complete the Temporary traffic restriction application . You must allow 6 to 8 weeks for this application to be processed. A fee is chargeable.

Lane closures and footway closures do not require a legal notice but should be noted on the street works notice.

Suspension of bus stops

Permission for suspension of bus stops is granted by Stagecoach, our local bus company. To get guidance and make requests email

Restrictions on street works (Section 58 notices)

After substantial works have been completed on a highway we can restrict further works for up to five years by serving a Section 58 notice under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991. Section 58 notices prevents new surfaces being excavated and encourages utility companies to carry out their works before or during the planned highways improvements.

Subject to the exemptions of the Act and regulations under it, no street works may be executed for a set period from completion of the works described without the written consent of North East Lincolnshire Council.

To see what improvements are arranged go to our planned works.

Section 58 notices

Details of the current Section 58 notices in North East Lincolnshire.

A1173 between A180 and Roundabout on A1173 (Word, 15KB) – 13 January 2025

Bargate and Church Lane Signal upgrade (Word, 14KB) – Ends 1 April 2023

Cartergate, Queens Parade, 10ft Cartergate Link, Grimsby (Word, 14KB) – Ends 25 November 2021

Chantry Lane, Cartergate Underpass, Grimsby (Word, 14KB) – Ends 25 November 2021

Clee Road Traffic signals scheme (Word, 14KB) – Ends 30 September 2023

Cravens Lane, Habrough (Word, 14KB) – Ends 30 September 2024

Cross Street, Cleethorpes (Word, 15KB) – Ends 19 July 2024

Estate Road 2 (Word, 15KB) – Ends 20 December 2024

George Street, Grimsby (Word, 14KB) – Ends 31 October 2021

High Street, Cleethorpes (Word, 15KB) – Ends 29 July 2024

Hobson Way, Stallingborough (Word, 14KB) – Ends 3 March 2026

Laceby Road (Word, 14KB) – Ends 19 November 2020

Larmour Road, Great Coates Road and Wingate Road (Word, 14KB) – Ends 5 September 2021

Moody Lane (Word, 15KB) – Ends 25 October 2022

Osborne Street Cleethorpes (Word, 15KB) – Ends 26 July 2024

Peaks Lane, New Waltham (Word, 14KB) – Ends 18 November 2020

Pelham Avenue, Grimsby (Word, 14KB) – Ends 4 October 2021

Stallingborough Interchange (Word, 14KB) – Ends 31 December 2025

Station Road, New Waltham (Word, 14KB) – Ends 18 November 2020

Toll Bar Roundabout (Word, 14KB) – Ends 27 July 2023

Warwick Road Cleethorpes (Word, 14KB) – Ends 2 June 2022

Wingate Road, Crosland Road and Cromwell Road (Word, 14KB) – Ends 25 July 2021

Woad Lane (Word, 15KB) – Ends 6 July 2022

Woad Lane and Moody Lane (Word, 14KB) – Ends 30 August 2025

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