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Roadworks information for utility companies

Utility companies and their appointed contractors have a right to install new equipment and repair or maintain their equipment within the adopted highway without written permission from us, the local highway authority.

However, certain types of traffic management do require written permission:

  • portable traffic signals
  • road closures
  • suspension of bus stops
  • highways with Section 58 notices

Portable traffic signals

The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 (Part 6. Para 6. Schedule 14) states that anyone using portable traffic signals are required to get written permission from us, the highway authority.

To apply for permission complete our Portable light signals application. You must allow 10 working days for permission to be granted.

The use of Stop/Go Boards do not require permission but should be shown in the traffic management section of the street works notice.

To report issues with temporary signals complete Temporary traffic signals report .

Road closures

The Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (Part II, Section 14) requires a legal notice to be in place before the closure takes place.

To apply for a road closure complete the Temporary traffic restriction application. You must allow 6 to 8 weeks for this application to be processed. A fee is chargeable.

Lane closures and footway closures do not require a legal notice but should be noted on the street works notice.

Suspension of bus stops

Permission for suspension of bus stops is granted by Stagecoach our local bus company. For guidance and to make requests please contact [email protected].

Restrictions on street works (Section 58 notices)

After substantial works have been completed on a highway we can restrict further works for up to five years by serving a Section 58 notice under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991. Section 58 notices prevents new surfaces being excavated and encourages utility companies to carry out their works before or during the planned highways improvements.

Subject to the exemptions of the Act and regulations under it, no street works may be executed for a set period from completion of the works described without the written consent of North East Lincolnshire Council.

To see what improvements are arranged go to our planned works.

Section 58 notices in North East Lincolnshire

Road nameAreaSectionRestriction end dateWork type
Pelham RoadImminghamBetween Habrough Road and Washdyke Lane16/12/2026Resurfacing
Stallingborough RoadImminghamBetween Habrough Road and Hume Brae16/12/2026Resurfacing
A1173ImminghamBetween A180 interchange and Kiln Lane, Kiln Lane/A1173 roundabout31/12/2025Reconstruction
A1173 Kings RoadImminghamKiln Lane and Pelham Road18/03/2024Reconstruction
A1173 Stallingborough RoadStallingboroughMathew Ford Way and Little London Level Crossing29/06/2024Reconstruction
A16 Peaks ParkwayGrimsbyWeelsby Road to opposite Mirfield Road16/09/2024Resurfacing
A18 Barton StreetLacebyOaklands to Laceby Manor Golf Club and junction with Waltham Road30/09/2024Reconstruction
A18 Barton StreetLacebyLaceby Manor to Waltham Road roundabout10/08/2025Resurfacing
A180 (Footway)GrimsbyWestgate Roundabout and Lockhill Roundabout19/08/2024Reconstruction
BargateGrimsbyBetween Abbey Road Westward Ho31/08/2024Reconstruction
BargateGrimsby50m South of Deansgate junctionAugust 2025Resurfacing
Barnoldby RoadWalthamBirkdale to Chestnut Road17/10/2026Resurfacing
Beechwood AvenueImminghamWashdyke Lane and Spinney Close14/06/2024Reconstruction
Bethlehem StreetGrimsbyOld Market Place and West St Mary’s Gate19/10/2025Reconstruction
Butt LaneLacebyAylesby Road and Mulberry Lane16/06/2024Reconstruction
Cambridge RoadGrimsbyLittle Coates Road Roundabout01/05/2024Reconstruction
Chichester RoadCleethorpesTaylor’s Avenue and 215 Chichester Road28/10/2025Reconstruction
Cravens LaneHabroughFootway between Kesteven Court & St Margarets Crescent30/09/2024Reconstruction
Cromwell RoadGrimsbyMarket Hotel Roundabout to Littlefield Lane30/08/2026Reconstruction
Crosland RoadGrimsbyWingate Road and Stow Close23/06/2024Reconstruction
Cross Coates RoadGrimsbyAllenby Avenue and Clifton Road19/11/2024Reconstruction
Cross StreetCleethorpesHigh Street to Market Place19/07/2024Reconstruction
Durban RoadGrimsbyWeelsby Street South and Roberts Street02/05/2025Reconstruction
Estate Road 1GrimsbyPyewipe Roundabout and Estate Road 318/10/2025Resurfacing
Estate Road 2GrimsbyBetween Pyewipe Road and Estate Road 820/12/2024Reconstruction
Estate Road 2GrimsbyEstate Road 6 and Pyewipe Roundabout (Footway and Carriageway)25/02/2024Reconstruction
Estate Road 5GrimsbyWoad Lane and Estate Road 627/09/2025Reconstruction
Estate Road 5Grimsby20m from Estate Road 2 Junction (Footway and Carriageway)25/02/2024Reconstruction
Estate Road 7GrimsbyEstate Road 6 and Estate Road 7 junction18/10/2026Resurfacing
Granville StreetGrimsbyConvamore Road and Ladysmith Road05/10/2025Reconstruction
Great Coates RoadHealingLow Road and 15 Great Coates Road13/08/2024Resurfacing
Great Coates RoadGrimsbyLarmour Road and Little Coates Road08/12/2025Reconstruction
Hainton AvenueGrimsbySixhills Street and Catherine Street28/04/2025Resurfacing
Hewitts AvenueCleethorpesAltyre Way and Hewitts Circus Roundabout12/11/2025Resurfacing
High StreetWalthamBarnoldby Road and Ings Lane09/06/2024Resurfacing
High StreetCleethorpesOsborne Street junction29/07/2024Reconstruction
Hobson WayStallingboroughBridge over Middle Drain13/10/2025Reconstruction
Hobson WayStallingboroughFootway from Energy Parkway roundabout to South Marsh Road03/03/2026Reconstruction
Hobson WayStallingboroughEnergy Parkway Roundabout to South Marsh Road (Footway)01/07/2024Reconstruction
Humberstone RoadGrimsbyDurban Road and Runswick Road02/05/2025Reconstruction
Immingham RoadStallingboroughBetween Mathew Ford Way and Little London Level Crossing30/06/2024Reconstruction
Laceby RoadGrimsbyStephen Crescent and Winchester Avenue17/09/2025Reconstruction
Littlefield LaneGrimsbyA1136 Cromwell Road and Littlefield Lane Level Crossing05/04/2024Resurfacing
Louth RoadScarthoWestkirke Avenue and A1624/07/2025Reconstruction
Low RoadHealingGreat Coates Road and Ivy Farm Court13/08/2024Resurfacing
Matthew Telford ParkGrimsbyScartho Road and Matthew Telford Park Junction25/08/2026Reconstruction
Mendip AvenueGrimsbySpringfield Road and Quantock Road20/08/2026Resurfacing
Orkney PlaceImminghamOutside 1509/10/2024Resurfacing
Osborne StreetCleethorpesHigh Street junction29/07/2024Reconstruction
Osborne StreetGrimsbyEast St Mary’s Gate and George Street19/10/2025Reconstruction
Pretymen CrescentNew WalthamStation Road and Margaret Place09/10/2026Resurfacing
RoundwayImminghamFootway between 4 and 1615/09/2025Reconstruction
Sea View StreetCleethorpesCambridge Street to A1098 Alexandra Road01/03/2025Reconstruction
Stallingborough RoadHealingLow Road and Wisteria Drive13/08/2024Resurfacing
Station RoadNew WalthamThe Orchard and Pretymen Crescent02/06/2024Reconstruction
Station RoadWalthamGrimsby Road and A16 Toll Bar roundabout20/08/2024Resurfacing
Taylor’s AvenueCleethorpesChichester Road and Hardy’s Road28/10/2025Reconstruction
Trinity streetGrimsbyThorold Street and end of Trinity Street24/09/2024Resurfacing
Waltham RoadBarnoldby le BeckWillow Park and Bradley Road22/09/2025Reconstruction
Weelsby StreetGrimsbyCleethorpe Road and Thorold Street24/09/2025Reconstruction
Wellington StreetGrimsbyAsda Entrance and Freeman Street26/06/2024Reconstruction
WellowgateGrimsbyBrighowgate and Duchess Street13/10/2025Reconstruction
WellowgateGrimsbyFootway between Brighowgate and Abbey Road13/10/2025Reconstruction
Westlands AvenueGrimsbyBargate junction31/08/2024Reconstruction
Wingate RoadGrimsbyLarmour Road and Crosland Road23/06/2024Reconstruction
Woad LaneGrimsbyJunction with Moody Lane30/08/2025Reconstruction
Fallowfield RoadGrimsbyLavenham Road and House No. 2926/10/2026Resurfacing
Imperial AvenueCleethorpesGrimsby Road and Concrete section2/11/2026Resurfacing
Mill RoadCleethorpes105 to St Peters Avenue2/11/2026Resurfacing

Currently, there are no proposed Section 58 notices.

Details of the current Section 58 notices in North East Lincolnshire: HIDDEN

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