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Armed forces

Armed Forces Community Covenant

The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise from the nation ensuring that those who serve or who have served, and their families, are treated fairly. This commitment is made in recognition of the sacrifices they make on behalf of the country. The Armed Forces Covenant is not designed to give the Armed Forces, Veterans and their families preferential treatment compared with other citizens but it should ensure that they get a fair deal and are not disadvantaged because of their service.

Across North East Lincolnshire many organisations including the Council, NHS and Job Centre have pledged to support those who need it by being one of the first Authorities in the Country to sign our own Armed Forces Community Covenant.

Our Armed Forces and Veterans’ Charter encourages public bodies and partner organisations to support in-service and ex-service personnel from the military and the Merchant Navy, their families, veterans and carers.

Access to social and rented housing, retraining for employment, and support groups for servicemen and women suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder are just a few of the issues specific to veterans which the Charter addresses through better joined-up working between agencies.

The Armed Forces Community Covenant is a statement of mutual support between our civilian community and our local Armed Forces Community.

For more information go to the Armed Forces Covenant  website.

Armed Forces Covenant Annual Report 2021

Armed Forces Covenant Report (PDF, 4MB)

Armed Forces Covenant Report – Summary (PDF, 2MB)

Armed Forces Families Strategy 2022 to 2023 (PDF, 4MB)

Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS)

North East Lincolnshire Council was awarded the Gold Award under the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme in July 2021. 

The DERS encourages employers to support defence and inspire others to do the same. As an organisation, we pledge, demonstrate and advocate support to defence and the armed forces community and align our values with the Armed Forces Covenant.

NEL Armed Forces Covenant Strategy and Action Plan

In 2021 a steering group was established and agreed the Action Plan for the following 5 years, in conjunction with the governments Veteran’s Strategy.
The plan is subject to regular review at the steering group meetings.

North East Lincolnshire Armed Forces Covenant Strategy and Action Plan 2021 to 2025 (Word, 217KB)

Armed Forces Events

Every year, many events take place in support of our armed forces personnel and veterans. These range from Armed Forces Day in the summer to Remembrance weekend in November.The events raise the profile and recognise the achievements of the work that our armed forces and veterans do both within our community and all over the world.

For all information about current events, visit the Armed Forces Cleethorpes  website.

Veterans’ Gateway

There is a huge network of organisations supporting the Armed Forces community, so finding the right one for your needs can be tricky. The Veterans’ Gateway make it quick and easy by being the first point of contact for whatever support you need, whether you are based in the UK or abroad.

Their connection with additional key referral partners  and information organisations  – both within and outside the Armed Forces sector – means they can get you to the right organisation who can help.

Funded by The Armed Forces Covenant, this is the first time a group of this kind has come together formally to deliver a service to help the Armed Forces community.

Go to the Veterans’ Gateway  website.