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The Grimsby Crematorium provides a committal chapel, memorial facilities and gardens of remembrance.

View upcoming services at the crematorium.

When a death or stillbirth has happened in North East Lincolnshire, it should be registered with us by law within five days.

Funeral service

You have an allocated time of 40 minutes which includes 30 minutes chapel time. Additional time can be arranged prior to the day of the funeral. There is an opportunity for families to personalise the service or ceremony with their favourite pieces of music or poetry.

The crematorium has an organ and a media system for music and the use of a microphone. Both cemetery chapels have hymn books and organs available, but no music system so you may bring your own.

Funerals at the crematorium can involve a funeral director, a recognised religious person, a humanist or you may prefer to do your own service with or without any religious content. All we ask is that you be aware of the length of time you may need.

Disposal of cremated remains

There are different options for the disposal of the cremated remains once the service has taken place.

  • Scatter the cremated remains within the Crematorium grounds unwitnessed, or witnessed which would require an appointment.

If you have a wooden casket, polytainer or environmentally friendly tube you can:

  • retain the cremated remains for disposal elsewhere
  • inter the cremated remains within a grave in Scartho Road Cemetery, Grimsby or Beacon Avenue Cemetery, Cleethorpes.

You must fill in the instruction and authorisation of the disposal of the cremated remains (forms J and K), and take any other paperwork to the Bereavement Services office.

Crematorium fees

Babies and children up to the age of 18

Children can either be cremated or interred free of charge (not both).  There is a charge that applies to all purchases of grave plots for the Exclusive Right of Burial for 50 years, as is stated in the fees/charges, however, it may be possible for us to reclaim this from the UK GOV Children’s Funeral Fund. Please note there are sections within the cemeteries where only single-depth burials are allowed.

Cremation fees

Chapel and Cremation (40 minutes including entering and exiting) Medical Referee Fee/ Obitus and/or organist included£910
Direct Cremation (No attendance) Medical Referee included£655
Double cremation (to be added to chapel and cremation charge) Medical Referee fee included£505
Chapel extension time£258
Memorial Service (dependent on availability)£258
Simple service cremation and Medical Referee fee

Music (if required)

Human Body parts/Organs resulting from post mortem£84

Obitus media system

Webcast services:

Live Webcast + 28 Day Watch Again (A live webcast plus access to the recording of a webcast to watch for 28 days)£55
Keepsake Copy – DVD/Blu-Ray/USB Stick (A recording of the webcast on your chosen format)£61

Visual tribute services:

Single Photograph (Shown throughout the service or at a time of your choosing)Free
Slideshow (Up to 25 photos with simple fade transitions, played on a loop)£47
Pro Tribute (up to 25 photos set to music, professionally edited into a video-style tribute, and shown at a time of your choosing)£84
Family-made (checking and preparation of a video created by you)£22
Keepsake copy of Visual Tribute – DVD/Blu-Ray/USB Stick£33
Downloadable copy of Visual Tribute£12.50


Additional Keepsake copies (for each additional copy of a DVD/Blu-Ray/USB Stick already ordered)£31
Each extra 25 photos (For each 25 extra photos on a ‘Slideshow’ or ‘Pro tribute’)£26
Extra work (For adding video to the ‘Pro tribute’, any revisions, or any major departure from a standard product)£26

For baby services, or those aged 18 or under, we offer a free live webcast and a free single photo and slideshow.

Extension use of Obitus Media System and/or Organist – £31

Scattering of Cremated Remains in the Gardens of Remembrance

Cremation took place at North East Lincolnshire CrematoriumNo charge
Cremation took place elsewhere£66
Temporary Deposit of Cremated Remains (after 1 month)£21 per month
Searches of cremation records (after initial free entry)£14 (per name)

Urns and Caskets

  • Bronze Urn – £49
  • Wooden Casket and Sanctum Casket – £55

Inscription in the Crematorium Book of Remembrance:

  • 2 line entry – £70
  • 5 line entry – £126
  • 8 line entry – £185

Personal / Private Book of Remembrance – £53

  • 2 line entry – £41
  • 5 line entry – £52
  • 8 line entry – £60.50

Remembrance Card and Inscription:

  • 2 line entry and card – £46
  • 5 line entry and card – £54
  • 8 line entry and card – £66

Embellishments to inscriptions (5 and 8 line entry only):

  • Floral emblem (per inscription) – £88.50
  • Badge/Crest (per inscription) – £95

Memorials – Includes inscriptions:

Leaf Remembrance Tree – 5 year lease£80
Leaf Remembrance Tree – 5 year renewal £43
Marble Vase Block – 10 year lease£584.50
Marble Vase Block – renewal of 10 year lease£172
Flower emblem£99
Replacement 3” & 4” Vase insert£8.50
Replacement 6” Vase Insert£9.50
Sanctum 10 year renewal£442
Granite Wall Plaque – 10 year lease£467
Granite Wall Plaque – renewal of 10 year lease£166
Memorial Bench Plaque 5/10 year lease£208 / £295.50
Memorial Bench Plaque – renewal of 5/10 year lease£86.50 / £126
Memorial Bronze Plaque – renewal of 10 year lease£159
Memorial Vault (2 caskets) – 10 year lease£940
Memorial Vault – renewal of 10 year lease£445
Additional inscription (per character)£2.60
Additional/Replacement Vase Block Tablet, Bench or Wall Plaque£181
Cloisters Plaque 10 year lease£369
Cloisters Plaque Renewal Only 10 year lease£122.75
Barbican Tower Plaque – 10 year lease£369
Barbican Tower – renewal 10 year lease£122.75

Choosing a memorial

There are a number of ways in which the lives of relatives and friends can be commemorated at Grimsby Crematorium.

We will arrange for the memorial to be provided by our approved suppliers once we have received your request with payment. Depending on the type of memorial, completion times will vary.

The Book of Remembrance is a permanent memorial that is displayed every day of the year at the Crematorium.

The book is open daily Monday to Friday on the appropriate page, no appointment is needed to view it. If you wish to view a page other than the one on display, you should contact one of our chapel attendants to turn the pages for you.

On weekends and bank holidays you are able to view the Book of Remembrance digitally outside of the Crematorium building.

A Person epitaph can be inscribed in the book beneath the name of the deceased.

You can also view the Crematorium remembrance book online.

Personal miniature versions and memorial cards are available of the Book of Remembrance and the Memorial Book.

These books and cards are intended to be kept at home or sent to family or friends.

The tree is located in the waiting area of the Crematorium building.  The polished plaques are available on a five year licence.

These are polished granite wall tablets with eight individual spaces for commemorative marble plaques, and they are inscribed with gold lettering.

Communal flower and plant stands are available. The licence period is for five years and at the end of this period you may retain the plaque or renew the licence.

All memorials are made from polished granite with a flower container, inscribed with your choice of dedication/embellishment.

A centre piece which accommodates individual granite tablets inscribed with your choice of dedication/embellishment.

With a flower container and a granite memorial tablet for your choice of inscription and embellishment.

Inscribed with your choice of dedication and recessed into a York stone-type surface in an attractive brick wall.

You can request information about a memorial bench for your loved one within one of ours parks, open spaces or the seafront.

Request a Memorial bench plaque.

Having a memorial mason is a way of remembering someone’s life by providing a place for family and friends to visit.

Before choosing a masonry you should:

  • check if they’re part of the council’s approved memorial registration scheme
  • get at least 3 different quotes and ask to see examples of their work
  • ask for their guarantee in writing

We advise that you buy insurance for you memorial as repairs can be expensive. Unfortunately there have been incidents where a private memorial has been damaged. The council takes no responsibility for any damage to memorials and reserves the right to remove a memorial if it becomes unsightly or unsafe.

Registered memorial masons (Word, 14KB)

Reflections Tea Room – Grimsby Crematorium

Contact details

Bereavement Services, Great Grimsby Crematorium, Weelsby Avenue, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, DN32 0BA

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 01472 324869

Opening times: Monday to Thursday, 9am to 4:45pm and Friday 9am to 4:15pm, except bank holidays