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Town Deal


What is the Towns Fund?

In September 2019 the government invited Grimsby to be one of 100 places in England to develop proposals for the town as part of the £3.6 billion Towns Fund.

The overarching aim of the Towns Fund is to level up towns and cities around the country, driving sustainable regeneration which delivers long term economic and productivity growth. Set up in 2016 to drive the development of Grimsby’s original pilot Town Deal, the Greater Grimsby Board has the role of steering the development of the town’s regeneration plans.

In 2020 the Council carried out extensive consultation to create a Grimsby Town Centre Masterplan (PDF, 24MB) , and from this, developed a Town Investment Plan – TIP (Word, 26MB) , an accessible version will be available soon. The TIP sets out a clear vision and strategy for the town identifying which projects were needed to deliver economic growth over the next decade. This document was submitted to Government in October 2020.

Through engagement with the public, our local businesses and other organisation’s, the Greater Grimsby Board considered:

  • which projects to deliver
  • what funding was required
  • how these projects fit into our longer-term Masterplan for the town

In March 2021 Government announced a funding offer to Grimsby of £20.9 million of Towns Fund to deliver 6 projects set out in the TIP, with the expectation that this funding will deliver transformational economic, social and cultural benefits for the town.

The projects approved for funding are:

  • The Activation and Community Engagement (ACE) Fund, launched on 9th November 2021, for delivery over a 3-year period. This is a local grant programme for community and local business-based initiatives which create diversification of activity within the town centre. For full details and eligibility criteria download the Activation Fund application form and guidance (Word, 1MB).
  • Bringing St James House back into use as a multi-functional venue for businesses and creatives to attract more people into the town centre and to complement the regeneration works recently completed in St James’ Quarter.
  • The development of a new public square at Riverhead Square (phase 1 of this work is already complete thanks to an early award of £1m of Government funding).
  • Better pedestrian and cycle loops to connect the town centre and Alexandra Dockside.
  • The next phase of development of Garth Lane towards the creation of a major new waterfront residential community.
  • Refurbishment of currently unused space within the Central Library to accommodate new uses, including the potential for a new learning and innovation facility.

Greater Grimsby Board

This Board was set up to offer strategic direction to the development of Grimsby’s pilot Town Deal as signed with Government in 2018. The Board membership is made up of representatives from local businesses, community organisation’s and other key stakeholders with an interest in the future development of Grimsby.

Since its establishment, the Board has worked towards developing a sustainable, practical vision for the town, which would form the basis for a strong partnership approach to regenerating Greater Grimsby. These early plans were brought together in our Town Deal Prospectus and formed stage one of our Town Deal with Government.

The Greater Grimsby Board will continue as the steering group for our next stage Town Deal and will be the driving force behind the development of our town plans.

Find out more about the Greater Grimsby Board including membership and past agendas and minutes.

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