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Finances, spending and contracts

Contracts and tenders

Find out about contracts awarded and the tendering process and opportunities for North East Lincolnshire Council

Annual accounts

Annual statement of accounts for North East Lincolnshire Council

Council spending

Details of payments made to external parties and suppliers, and all credit notes

Budgets and finance strategy

Medium term financial plan and levies

Section 251 statements

The education and children’s social services budget statement

Treasury management

Details of North East Lincolnshire Council’s treasury management strategy and policy

Annual governance report

Summary of findings from annual audits of North East Lincolnshire Council’s finances

Procure services for schools and academies

A one stop shop for Schools and Academies to purchase North East Lincolnshire Council services

Buy for Northern Lincolnshire

Buy4NothernLincolnshire is an initiative by public sector organisations in North and North East Lincolnshire to promote public section contract opportunities to interested businesses