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A to Z directory of waste

Different types of waste and the best way to get rid of them. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

International catering waste

International catering waste is defined under the European Union (EU) Animal by-products regulations as “catering waste from means of transport operating internationally”. Any catering waste from a vessel that has landed in a non EU port is subject to controls after returning to the EU. This includes all vessels that have docked/landed in non-EU countries…

Waste end destinations

Type of waste Destination End use White goods Jonathan Potts Limited (scrap merchants)Tata Steel Hazardous materials removed, steel and plastic shredded and recycled.(Valpak compliance scheme ) Small electrical items SIMS Group Limited Reused or recycled(Valpak compliance scheme ) Rubble BIFFA waste servicesH Copes & Sons waste management Rubbles is screened, crushed and graded then sold…

Sign up and pay for Garden waste collections

Contents Sign up for the 2024/25 garden waste service The 2024/25 garden waste service costs £41 per bin and begins in April. To sign up and pay for the service complete the garden waste collection service form. If you are signing up and do not have a garden waste bin, or you need extra bins,…

Garden waste

Contents We offer a paid-for garden waste service. Garden waste bins are emptied between April and March with a break during the winter. More than 26,000 households in North East Lincolnshire are recycling their garden waste. We recycled more than 8,500 tonnes of garden waste in 2021. It is recycled locally and made into compost….

Opt-out of garden waste collections or change your address

Contents Overview Sign up and pay Opt-out or change your address Change your address If you’re moving within North East Lincolnshire you can keep your garden waste collections by filling in the garden waste change of address. You must take your garden waste bin with you to your new property. If you’re moving out of the…

Household waste declaration for the tip

Contents Declaration form If you regularly visit the tip in any of these vehicles, you are restricted to one load per day and must complete an online declaration form before coming to the site. By completing this form you are declaring that you are a resident of North East Lincolnshire. Each household can visit the…

Business waste

As a business owner it’s your responsibility to dispose of any trade waste. keep waste to a minimum sort and store waste  safely complete a waste transfer note  for each load that you produce register as a waste carrier check if the waste carrier  you use is registered

Bulky waste collections

Bulky waste collections Standard and rapid bulky waste collections can take up to 10 unwanted household items. We collect on weekdays except bank holidays. For the standard service, we will collect items within 4 to 10 working days. For the rapid service, we will collect items within 1 to 3 working days, subject to availability….

Reporting nuisance behaviour (Noise, smoke, light, smells, waste in gardens, animals, defective premises, dust, fumes, gases and insects)

There are many behaviours and activities that can be described as a nuisance, however legal action can only be taken when this causes unreasonable interference with a person’s use or enjoyment of property or they are damaging to health. If a crime is being committed, then you need to report it to Humberside Police. On this…