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Our Voice Listen Up

What is Our Voice Listen Up and what do they do?

Are you aged 10 to 17 and currently in care? Do you want your voice to be heard on issues that affect you?

Our Voice, Listen Up! is a council for children in care consisting of young people in North East Lincolnshire aged 10 to 17, is looking for NEW members!

We meet every two weeks at the Molson Centre, Grimsby, to do some collaborative work activities with each other on important issues that matter to us, with a meal too. Visitors often attend the group to present something of interest to what we are working on, or just to cook with us and do some fun activities.

Interested? Contact Pippa for more information on 07584150229 or email [email protected].

To join the group or become a virtual member email us at [email protected] or call 01472 326292.

Download the Our Voice, Listen Up! Flyer (PDF, 675KB) .

Virtual group members

If you do not want to come to a group but still want to contribute to the work they do, you can sign up to be a virtual member. By doing this you can post ideas for discussion and give your views on topics we are working on through email, text or social media.

Our promise to the children in our care

The Corporate Parenting Promise and local offer for care leavers are our commitments to the children and young people we care for.

The promise set outs how we will provide children and young people with the best possible care, support and access to opportunities to their current and future needs. Along with the local offer for care leavers, the promise helps young people become independent and reach their full potential.

Our promise was developed through a series of workshops and consultations with looked after children and care leavers. The Promise details what young people in care want from North East Lincolnshire Council and the officers who work there.

Our promises to children in care and care leavers:

  1. Relationships – They have been found to be the most important promise for young people and children as having consistent, positive, and trusting relationships is the key to everything else, whether that be with staff at NELC, or family members and foster carers.
  2. Where you live – This promise strives to ensure young people in care live with people who are well-trained to support and care for them. This in turn will guarantee young people and children are set up well for their future.
  3. Ready for the future – This promise is pivotal in providing the skills young people want to ensure they are ready to enter the adult world. It is so important for young people to have access to practical, emotional, and financial support.
  4. Support for you – This promise evolves around understanding the needs of young people and children for our services at NELC to be developed appropriately for their needs and uses. This promise also means that young people will importantly be involved in the decision making and employment of staff at the council.
  5. Participation in society – Since the relaunch of the new promise, we have learnt how important participation in society is for young people and children in care. It is so important for a range of options to be available for our young people so they feel heard within decision making.
  6. Education, training, and employment – It is vital for us as Corporate Parents to understand young people’s needs regarding options for education, training, and employment. This involves connecting young people with the best opportunities in the area to get the job the young person wants, to develop their skills and importantly, confidence.
  7. Health and wellbeing – This promise not only helps to promote physical health, but emotional and psychological health too, making it all the more important to keep in mind! It is so important to ensure young people and children have easy access to these services throughout their time in care.

Download our Corporate Parenting Promise poster (PDF, 1MB) .

Your feedback on the promise is very valuable. Please let us know your thoughts by filling in our short survey Corporate Parenting Promise Feedback.

“North East Lincolnshire Council are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children, young people and staff and expect the same commitment from all staff and volunteers.”