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Keep well this spring

Spring has officially sprung, and for many of us, the lighter nights and warmer weather make it the ideal time to improve our health and wellbeing. It’s important we carry on taking care of ourselves and those around us, taking time to recharge, keeping up to date with vaccinations, and keeping safe as we head out to enjoy the spring season.

Daffodils in a field

Take care of your health

Keep active

If you can, keeping fit and active is a great way to take care of both your physical and mental health. There are plenty of great walking routes across our area, ranging from the 25-mile ‘Johnson Silver Lincs Way’ from Grimsby to Louth, to the six-mile ‘Wold Newton Circular’ walk in the countryside.

See some of the walking routes below and get inspired.

Find out more about the indoor and outdoor activities you can do to keep active this spring.

Check in on your neighbours

If you are aware of a neighbour, friend, or relative who is over 65 or has a long-term condition and may find it difficult to get out, check that they are warm, well and their medicine cabinet and food supplies are stocked up. Having some company may also reduce social isolation.

Prepare for allergies

As we step into spring there are plenty more flower buds, trees and insects around us, which can trigger a lot of people’s allergies. Follow these tips to make sure you’re well-prepped to cope with any hay fever or seasonal allergies:

  • Try avoid cutting the grass, pulling weeds or other types of gardening if they make your allergies worse.
  • Keep your medicine cabinet stocked.
  • Pharmacists provide good health advice on a range of minor ailments if you need to see a GP and information about getting your vaccines.
  • Keep your windows and doors shut if the pollen count is high, usually in the early morning and in the late evening.
  • Avoid keeping fresh flowers in the house.

Take care of your mind

We know that a change in the season doesn’t simply cure low mood, stress and worry, and it can even be overwhelming for some to adjust to the change from the dark, cold winter months. Though managing these feelings can feel impossible, there are small changes we can make to make a difference and take care of our mind.

Five ways to wellbeing

Exam and study stress

As it’s approaching the exam season, there’s a lot of pressure to do well. It’s important to not get too overwhelmed and try to manage your stress, and remember if you don’t do as well as you hoped it’s not the end of the world. Here are some tips on dealing with exam and study stress:

  • Take breaks – Nobody can work all day without losing concentration and becoming stressed. Remember to take breaks regularly, listen to music or watch a TV show before going back to revision.
  • Remember to eat – You may feel too nervous to eat, but once you’re in the exam or period of study you will probably only be able to think of how hungry you are. Eating well will give you enough energy, and will help you concentrate.
  • Sleep – The night before your exam get a regular eight hours – put your book down, have a relaxing bath and turn off all technology. A good night’s sleep will help you be well-rested for your exams and study, and you won’t feel tired and irritable.
  • Try not to speak about exams or pieces of work directly afterwards – It’s so tempting to ask your friends what their answers were, and compare notes. Try not to ask too many questions because if you all have different answers, the chances are you will worry until results day – it’s too late to change any of your answers once the work or exam is submitted.

Heading to the beach?

As we head into the Easter holidays and the weather is starting to pick up, many of us will be heading into Cleethorpes. Prepare for your visit by checking the weather forecast. Find safety advice, tide times, wind speed and the weather at Met Office – Cleethorpes Beach. The Resort Team are available 365 days a year to provide safety advice and make sure people are staying safe on the beach.

  • Stay hydrated – Drink water and fruit juice regularly and avoid alcohol.
  • Stay safe in the sun – Find shade during the hottest parts of the day, make sure you and the kids use sunscreen (the higher the factor the better) and reapply often, wear a hat and sunglasses and loose-fitting clothes. 
  • Help vulnerable people – Keep an eye on ill or older people, as well as babies and young children, to ensure they are following these tips to stay cool.
  • Relax – Try to avoid physical activity like sports if it’s really hot outside. If you need to, do it during the cooler parts of the day.

Dogs are allowed on Cleethorpes Beach from the 30 September to Good Friday each year. After Good Friday, you must not take your dog onto the beach between the Wonderland Slipway and Cleethorpes Leisure Centre. Dogs are welcome to visit the stretch of beach between Cleethorpes Leisure Centre and the Humberston Fitties all year round.

  • Beware of fast incoming tides. Check tide times before you visit and leave sand banks six hours before high tide.
  • Safe swimming. Always remain within the yellow buoys to swim safely. Red buoys are for the use of motorised crafts only.
  • Wear clothing designed for swimming. When wet, normal clothes can cause you to sink!
  • Wear suitable footwear. Weever fish like to bury themselves in the sand, and they can sting!
  • Avoid inflatables. Inflatables should be avoided in open water. They can get caught by wind blowing out to sea and outgoing tides. The resort team puts up orange flags to show the strength and direction of the wind.
  • Beware of mud and soft sand. If you find sinking mud STOP, turn around and retrace your steps back to safety. If you do get stuck, don’t struggle as you will sink further. Remain calm, call 999 or 112 and ask for the coastguard.
  • Stay away from the rocky groyne. This stretch of rock is used to re-establish sand levels and reduce the impact of waves on the sea wall, but can be dangerous to climb on – especially when it’s wet!

Staying safe

Domestic Abuse

If you are in an emergency

If you are concerned about the safety of yourself or someone else, please ring 999 and ask for the police. If you are unable to speak, when the operator is on the line, press 55 on the keypad.

It’s going to be an exciting summer as the UEFA Euro fixtures are due to kick off in June, but it’s important to recognise how tensions of the game are not limited to the football pitch.

Figures show that the reported incidents of domestic abuse increased by 26% if England played, 38% if England lost, and 11% the next day, win or lose.*

You do not have to wait for an emergency situation to find help. If domestic abuse is happening to you or someone you know, it’s important to tell someone.

For non-emergency incidents, contact Humberside Police on 101. Alternatively, you can find local services and report an incident online at Advice about Domestic Abuse | Humberside Police.

*(CPS, 2022)

Crime prevention

As the weather starts to get warmer, we are more likely to start opening our windows. Make sure to close and lock your windows when you are not in the house to prevent thieves from being able to get in.

Make your home more secure by following some basic advice:

  • Lock all doors and windows, and ensure any PVCu doors are locked properly by lifting the handle and using the key,
  • Keep keys and valuables secure and out of sight,
  • Consider installing a doorbell camera, internal camera and burglar alarm,
  • Ensure gates are locked, and tools and ladders in a locked shed,
  • Secure bins at night as these can be used by burglars as climbing aids to gain access to upper-floor windows.

Rough sleepers

With the weather starting to get warmer, it is essential for those who are rough sleeping to keep safe. Our outreach teams will have water, suncream, and sun hats available for those who need them. We will also provide Harbour Place with these, so please ensure you are engaging with the street outreach teams who can provide these.

If you are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of losing your home in the next 56 days, please contact the council’s homeless team as soon as possible on 01472 326296 Option 1. 

If you see someone sleeping rough, let the council know by downloading StreetLink from your usual app store.

Things to do

Love Exploring

Screenshot from the Love Exploring App Dino safari showing a virtual T Rex

Get out and about over the half term with the Love Exploring App, a free, augmented reality game that leads you down trails to play mini-games and learn fun facts. This Easter holidays you can find the Love Exploring Dinosaur Safari around North East Lincolnshire!

Love Exploring logo

Holiday Activities and Food Programme

Kids jumping at a holiday activity event

The Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme provides holiday activities in North East Lincolnshire to families that are eligible for benefit-related Free School Meals. Your child’s school will send out a booking link to use tokens over the Easter and Summer holidays.

Go green

Graphic drawing of people painting trees and holding a lightbulb

Spring is a great time to start preparing your garden for summer, and gardening is a fun activity that will keep you up and moving.

North East Lincolnshire Council has launched the ‘Greening Up Our Place’ tree planting programme. Get involved and help green up your community.