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How to apply for building regulations and report a dangerous structure.

Building Regulations

Building Regulations exist to ensure that newly designed buildings and alterations are constructed to meet minimum standards in the following areas:

• Health and safety
• Access and facilities for all
• Conservation of fuel and power

For this reason, there are guidelines about the construction of foundations, floors, wall, roofs, drains, etc. The regulations about buildings and fire safety are particularly complex, and it is advisable to seek advice at an early stage so please contact us.

Building regulation applications are processed by the building control service and the main functions of this are as follows:

• Ensure building regulations are achieved
• Provide help and advice to customers regarding building regulations
• Give help and advice on the safety of sports grounds
• Provide help and advice on dangerous structures including issuing appropriate notices
• Arrange appropriate notices and action in respect of demolitions

Please be aware that the building control service only deals with the construction aspect and in some circumstances you will still need to gain planning approval for any work being carried out.

If you are considering any sort of building work or alterations then contact us for free friendly advice.

Building control public access

View and track building control applications on the public access portal.

Make an application

Online application submissions

We recommend the online application submission facility as it allows customers to submit applications electronically saving time and printing costs.

If you are a regular user of the online facility, i.e. an agent, it is beneficial for you to register your details. This will save time re-entering your personal details every time you submit an application.

Simply complete the registration form and proceed. A confirmation email is automatically sent to you, which needs to be activated before using the submission facility.

Submit a building control application

Applications can also be submitted through the Planning Portal using the link in the related websites section.

You can also download a form from the related documents section and submit to or post to the address in the contact details section.


Please contact us for a no obligation quote for your building regulations.


Payment can be made by cheque to ENGIE Services Ltd, by card, in person or over the phone.

Please note that our service does not provide a guarantee of compliance or a quality control service. We may have inspected the work and issued a decision and completion certificate but this is not a guarantee or compliance. Our involvement does not remove the responsibility of the person undertaking the work and the owner in meeting the requirements of the regulations.

Building regulations can be a complicated subject and has many different parts that need to be complied with.

Our building control guidance notes are currently being updated. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but If you need any help please contact us.

Lincolnshire Building Control Guide to Extending Your Home

North East Lincolnshire Building Control are pleased to announce the publication of the latest “Lincolnshire Building Control Guide to Extending Your Home”

The guide provides useful information for both general builders and diy enthusiasts, and gives advice and insight into the legislative requirements when carrying out building works on dwellings, i.e. the requirement for planning permission, building regulations approval and party wall agreements, and details the technical requirements for various projects, i.e. extensions, loft conversions, garage conversions and other alterations.

The guide was produced in conjunction with local businesses and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support.

Hard copies will be available in reception, or alternatively the e-book can be accessed via Extending Your Homes E Book.

If you would like one of our building control surveyors to visit your project for an inspection then please contact us.

To request a site inspection to determine any potentially dangerous structures within North East Lincolnshire please contact us.

If necessary the Council can take any action they deem necessary as detailed within the Building Act 1984 to remove or make safe a danger.

This service is available: 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days per year.

This service is free of charge for attending a site or reporting the potential danger. Subsequent charges may be applicable if the Council undertakes work on the owner’s behalf.

We provide, free of charge, the following services:

  • General advice on the demolition process
  • Process demolition notices
  • Carry out site inspections
  • Inform applicants of their obligations

Please note: you must give six weeks notice prior to carrying out any demolition.

The enforcement policy is currently under review. Please contact building control.

This enforcement policy clearly illustrates a structured approach to the way that our building control service intends to deal with building control enforcement.

The principles of proportionality, consistency and transparency are considered vital and are embedded into a procedure that delivers a prompt and effective response.

The policy reflects the level of service that the public and business sector expects our building control service to deliver.

Through an effective inspection and monitoring regime, together with a proactive approach to the early resolution of breaches of building regulations, formal enforcement under the provisions of the building act is rare. Through close liaison with other internal and external development agencies a coordinated approach will be made to enforcement.

The building control enforcement policy re-affirms our commitment to procedures that are fair and consistent, and one that is followed in a practical manner taking into account ‘the good practice guide’ associated with enforcement concordat, which we have committed ourself to.

Listed here are buildings which are exempt from building control

  • Greenhouses, provided they are not used for retailing, packing or exhibiting
  • Small detached buildings and sheds
  • Single storey additions with floor area not exceeding 30m2 that are conservatories, porches, covered yards and carports open at least on two sides. Glazed doors and walls should be of safety glass in critical areas
  • Boundary walls and fences

Our building control guide is currently being updated and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but If you are unsure please contact us.