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Council Tax banding and charges

Current Council Tax charges

Council Tax charges by band and area for 2024 to 2025 (PDF, 115KB) .

If you need to check which ward you live in and what band your property is enter your postcode in to the Find my nearest page.

Empty properties

We normally charge Council Tax for empty properties. The aim is to bring empty properties back into use.

If your property has been unoccupied for a year or more, you’ll be charged a premium on the amount of Council Tax you would normally pay.

This premium will vary depending on how long the property has been empty.

The charges from 1 April 2024 are:

  • Empty for 1 year an additional premium equivalent to 100% of the council tax liability
  • Empty for 5 years an additional premium equivalent to 200% of the council tax liability
  • Empty for 10 years an additional premium equivalent to 300% of the council tax liability

There are a number of exceptions to the application of an empty property premium:

  • a dwelling which would otherwise be the sole or main residence of a member of the armed services, who is absent from the property as a result of such service;
  • a dwelling, which forms part of a single property that is being treated by a resident of that property as part of the main dwelling;
  • the property is currently marketed for sale or for rent at a level which could reasonably expect to be achieved given the property and location (proof of this will be required)

If your property is empty and undergoing refurbishment this is insufficient cause to have the additional premium removed.

If you believe that an exemption may apply, or if your property is occupied and should not be on our empty property list, please contact us on [email protected].

Alternatively, you can access advice and assistance from our Housing team who can help find solutions to bring your empty property back into use by visiting our Empty Homes page.

How properties are banded

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) maintains the Council Tax Valuation List. This includes placing new properties within a Council Tax band and changing bands for properties.

Understand how a property is valued by the VOA for a Council Tax band at GOV.UK – How domestic properties are assessed for Council Tax bands.

Challenge your Council Tax band

You might be able to challenge your Council Tax band if you have evidence that suggests the band is wrong.

To make an appeal go to GOV.UK – Challenge your Council Tax band.

If you submit an appeal against your bill or banding, you must continue to pay your Council Tax. If you do not pay you will be issued with a reminder and risk a summons and liability order.

Precept charges

A precept is a charge separate from your Council Tax that is added to and shown on your bill. Precept charges in this area are for things such as:

For 2024/25 we have increased council tax by 2% in relation to the Adult Social Care Precept.

The split between the North East Lincolnshire Council precept and the Adult Social Care precept may not be as reflected on your 2024/25 annual council tax bill, however the total charge, including the precepts for Humberside Police, Humberside Fire and your parish is correct.

The breakdown between the precepts for North East Lincolnshire Council and Adult Social Care for 2024 / 2025 are:

BandNELCAdult Social CareTotal

Details of the amounts of funding from precepts is included in How your Council Tax is spent.

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