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How your Council Tax is spent


Council spending and Council Tax in 2022/23

Every February we set out our spending plans for the coming year and the Council Tax it needs to raise to balance its budget. The budget and Council Tax rates were set at a meeting of Council on 24 February 2022.

You can see the full budget report on our Budgets and finance strategy page.

Our total budget for the year is £291.7m. Here is where the money comes from:

  • Dedicated schools grant £39.8m (13.6%)
  •  Other grants £50.3m (17.2%)
  •  Fees, charges and other income £36.2m (12.4%)
  •  Revenue support grant £9.5m (3.3%)
  •  Retained business rates £45.6m (15.6%)
  •  Council Tax £79.9m (27.4%)
  •  Housing benefits £30.4m (10.4%)

The total spend for the year is £291.7m. Here is how we spend this money:

  • Corporate and democratic services (including housing benefit payments) £56.7m (19.5%)
  • Environment £22.4m (7.7%)
  • Economy and growth £33.2m (11.4%)
  • Public health and leisure £6.1m (2.1%)
  • Children and Family services £97.9 (33.6%)
  • Adult services £51.9m (17.8%)
  • Other budgets £22.2m (7.6%)
  • Contribution to reserves £1.2m (0.4%)

Total budget 2021/22: £148.5m

  • Additional income and grants £0.7m
  • Inflation and other adjustments £1.1m
  • Pressures and developments £16.2m
  • Efficiencies and savings (£8.5m)
  • Change in contributions from reserves £3m

Total budget 2021/22: £155m

Budget area

2021/22Original (£M)BudgetSpending 2022/23 (£M)Income and Other 2022/23 (£M)Total 2022/23 (£M)Per Head of Population (£)
20.9Economy and Growth33.2-7.725.5
33.9Children’s & Family Services97.9-60.037.9
4.2Public Health6.1-6.4-0.3
48.7Adult Services51.9-1.150.8
138.0Sub-Total Services268.3-123.2145.1
6.9Provisions & Other Budgets8.5-0.38.2
11.1Borrowing costs net of income13.00.013.0
-12.4Internal Asset Rentals-13.2-13.2
144.3Sub-Total 290.5-136.7153.8
4.2Contributions to / (from) reserves1.20.01.2 
148.5NET BUDGET291.7-136.7155.0968.55

Funding area

2021/22 Original (£M)FundingTotal 2022/23 (£M)Per Head of Population (£)
-9.2Revenue Support Grant-9.5-59.38
-43.7Retained Business Rates-45.6-285.00
-0.1New Homes Bonus-0.8-5.00
-7.8Better Care Fund-8.1-50.63
-6.1Social Care Support Grant-8.2-51.25
0.0Market Sustainability and Fair Cost of Care Fund-0.5-3.13
-1.5Local Council Tax Support Grant0.00.0
-0.2Lower Tier Services Grant-0.3-1.88
0.0Services Grant-2.7-16.88
-5.0COVID 19 Funding0.00.0
-0.7Collection Fund Surplus – CT-2.1-13.13
0.0Collection Fund Deficit – NNDR0.63.8
-74.2Council Tax for NE Lincs including Adult Social Care-77.8-486.25
-148.5Total Funding for North East Lincolnshire-155.0-968.75


Area2022/23 (£m)2023/24 (£m)2024/25 (£m)

Capital budget

Area2022/23 (£M)2023/24 (£M)2024/25 (£M)
Resources              11.1                4.8                5.5
Environment                9.8                1.1                0.0
Economy and Growth              42.9              35.8                4.2
Children’s & Family Services                3.7                4.8                1.3
Public Health                  –                    –                    –  
Adult Services                3.2                2.7                  –  


Type2022/23 (£M)2023/24 (£M)2024/25 (£M)
External Grants30.828.94.7
Capital Receipts0.50.50.5
Other (Private Sector Contribution)
Revenue Contributions0.00.00.0

The Council Tax bill includes charges from the Police Commissioner, the fire authority and parish as well as for North East Lincolnshire Council. It also includes a precept for adult social care which can only be spent for that purpose. The table shows the funding raised for each organisation.

2021/22 funding (£M)Organisation2022/23 funding (£M)Per head of Population (£)
10.8Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside11.471.25
3.9Humberside Fire Authority4.125.63
0.8Parish Precepts0.85.00


Resident population:

  • 160,000 in 2022/23
  • 160,000 in 2023/24
  • 160,000 in 2024/25

Employee numbers

In 2020/21 we had 1652 full time equivalent (FTE) employees. In 2021/22 we have 1666 FTE employees.

Budgetary Information 2022/23

The Town Council has continued to provide high quality services throughout Immingham despite the difficult times we have all been faced with this past year.

We continue to look at improving services and the environment for our residents and visitors. Two major developments this year were securing the lease on the former Resource Field and installing 8 defibrillators around the Town.

The Council has tried to keep its precept as low as possible but increasing costs means that there has to be an increase.

Our “Community Hub”, at the Civic Centre, brings various services under one roof such as NELC Customer Services, Lincolnshire Housing Partnership, Lincs Inspire Library, Care, The DWP (Job Centre), Grimsby Institute, Humberside Police and Immingham Museum.  The Civic Centre also acts as a focal point for many community activities and events throughout the year.

The Town Council will continue to work hard with partners and volunteers on the issues that affect Immingham.

New opportunities are being explored for the Town which we hope to progress this coming year for you.

Andy Hopkins – Town Clerk

Civic Centre, Pelham Road, Immingham DN40 1QF

Telephone: 01469 727272


Immingham Town Council currently provides/maintains the following:

  • Civic Centre
  • Allotments
  • Homestead Park
  • Angling Lake
  • Mill Lane Cemetery
  • War Memorial
  • St Andrew’s Church grounds
  • Christmas lights
  • Immingham Skate Park
  • Gardening
  • Manual street cleaning
  • Litter bins emptying
  • Grass cutting
  • Fly-tipping removal
  • Public toilets
  • Shopping Centre (Kennedy Way)
  • Former resource field
  • Planning application consultation
  • Free swimming lessons for KS1
  • Community grants



AreaExpenditure (£)
Civic Hub40650
Old Library1450
Grounds Maintenance19000
Street Cleaning1000
Vehicles & Machinery14000
St Andrews Churchyard2000
Homestead Park7000
War Memorial500
Roval Pavilion700
Community Projects15500
Environmental Initiatives9650


AreaIncome (£)
Civic Hub93200
Old Library7140
Grounds Maintenance38830
Street Cleaning20555

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