North East Lincolnshire Council

Council tax banding

Who decides a property’s band?

Each dwelling is allocated one of eight bands (bands A to H) according to its estimated open market value on 1 April 1991.  These bands are decided by the Valuation Office Agency.

The council tax charge is calculated using a band D equivalent and then charged in accordance with property bands that have been determined by the Valuation Office.

So a property in band A pays 6/9ths the amount for a band D property and so forth, as shown by the multiplier in the table below:

Valuation band Range of values Multiplier Valuation band Range of values Multiplier
A Up to and including £40,000 6/9 E £88,001 – £120,000 10/9
B £40,001 – £52,000 7/9 F £120,001 – £160,000 11/9
C £52,001 – £68,000 8/9 G £160,001 – £320,000 12/9
D £68,001 – £88,000 9/9 H More than £320,000 13/9

Valuation Office contact details

For queries about council tax banding and valuations contact the Valuation Office at:

Valuation Office Agency, Council Tax North, Earle House, Colonial Street, Hull, HU2 8JN

Telephone: 03000 501501