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Event Safety Advisory Group

If you are planning to hold an event on Council land you will need a licence to do so. In order to get a licence you will need to follow the guidance and all supporting information on this page. The Council will take into consideration the advice of the Event Safety Advisory Group before deciding whether or not to issue the licence.

In 2024 and 2025, nearly £20 million is being invested in Cleethorpes. This includes the development of a new building on Sea Road, redesigning the Pier Gardens and the redevelopment of the Market Place.

We encourage organisers who are planning events in Cleethorpes to get in touch with the project team to discuss how this may impact your event.


There are many things you need to think about when organising an event on public or private land.

It is your responsibility to make sure you have appropriately addressed and undertaken the following:

  • the duty of care and safety of all involved
  • risk assessments
  • medical cover
  • public liability insurance – we will need to see the certificate if you are requesting the use of Council land or assets
  • a main contact for the day – will be shared with NELC security
  • timescales and schedule of event activity
  • Temporary Event Notice (TEN) – only for licensable activity on an unlicensed venue, there is a charge for this service
  • Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) – for regulating, restricting or prohibiting use of the highway, there is a charge for this service
  • around feedback received from local residents, businesses and organisations  
  • the cost of putting on the event. Depending on the nature of your event the Council may request a reinstatement bond to enable it to restore land to its previous condition or to remove any publicity materials that are not removed on completion of the event. More information on this is included in the Use of Land Policy and associated fees and charges section
  • Toilet Provision (Word, 96KB) – Event organisers must consider if they need to provide additional portable toilets for event goers. This guidance lifted from the Purple Guide gives an overview on what should be provided.

If you are planning an event on North East Lincolnshire Council controlled land please email [email protected] to check the land is available and ensure you have read our Policy for the Use of Council Owned Land and Open Spaces (Word, 33KB) before submitting an ESAG notification.

Before you start

An Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) request must be submitted at least 12 weeks before your scheduled event. We need to consider all the safety aspects of your event. Details of exactly how far in advance you need to submit an ESAG is available in the Policy for the Use of Council Owned Land and Open Spaces (Word, 43KB) . You must read this policy as it also details any fees, charges and bonds that might apply to your application.

When your request has been submitted, members may contact you to give advice or ask questions. If you don’t hear anything within one calendar month please assume that there are no issues with your application. You can ask if there are any issues and when a licence might be issued by emailing [email protected].

For security reasons the online form can time out if left idle. Make sure you have the following information available (if applicable at the time of request)

  • Name and location of your event (if you can’t find the exact address in the drop down menu enter an address that is shown and use one of the text boxes to confirm the exact location).
  • Date and times of your event including the timescales for set up and clean up
  • Description of your event (including an initial event programme can help us in assessing whether we need any further information from you)
  • Number of people estimated to attend (visitors, volunteers, staff and medical cover), you should include the maximum number of people at the event at any one time
  • Name of the organiser or on-the-day contact
  • Risk assessments
  • Number of medical staff, fire safety and security covering your event.
  • Approved road closure and traffic management plans
  • Public liability insurance

Event date

To make sure events don’t clash and are spread out evenly throughout the year, please check the events diary on Discover North East Lincolnshire.

Once your event is organised, you can request to add the details of your event to the Discover NEL events calendar by submitting a request to Discover NEL add new event.

ESAG members

The group is made up of members who can offer advice, but also grant permissions and licences for your event based on the information you provide.

ESAG members:

  • Humberside Police
  • Humberside Fire and Rescue
  • East Midlands Ambulance Service
  • Coastguard
  • North East Lincolnshire Council
  • Highways
  • Licensing
  • Environmental health
  • Trading standards
  • Planning
  • Building control
  • Estates
  • Waste Services
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Tourism
  • Environmental Protection
  • Ecology


You should use mains electricity supplies wherever possible.

If you must use a generator:

  • Diesel models are safer than petrol
  • Keep the generator guarded with a barrier
  • Store fuel away from structures and combustible materials
  • Remember they can be noisy so keep them away from neighbouring properties or provide effective sound insulation
  • All temporary electrical systems must comply with British Standards – BS 7909, BS 7430 and BS 7671


Events that take place on or near the waterfront are now required to undertake an ecology impact assessment. Below are links to amps of the impacted areas:

Submit an ESAG request

Submit your application to the Event Safety Advisory Group by completing the ESAG request form.