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Care leavers | Accommodation

Where you live when you leave care is a big decision to make. It is important to know what options you have and what these options involve.

Accommodation options

Up to the age of 18 we will encourage you to remain in care particularly foster care. Where you live is very important in helping you feel safe.

There are various options of accommodation post 18.

Staying Put allows for you to remain in placement post 18 in order to provide continuity and stability. This will need to be agreed months before you are 18 so everyone knows what is expected of them. Some things will change within the home as a result. You will no longer be Looked After or subject to a care order. The carer will have changes in the monies they are paid and will need to check their responsibilities in relation to paying tax.

You will have different responsibilities also:

  • A £10 per week contribution towards your care and will be responsible for all your expenses such as transport and clothing. The carer will provide food and electricity etc. Unless you are working when you will need to make a larger contribution agreed in your pathway plan.
  • If not working or in education or training you will be entitled to claim benefits. We will support you back into training, education or employment.

Supported lodgings can provide a safety net between care and independence, where you can learn the skills you need knowing there is someone to support you.

Supported lodgings such as Humbercare, are external organisation with skills in supporting young people.

Lodgings providers are expected to provide safe and clean accommodation where you would have your own room. Lodgings providers focus on supporting you to build independence skills. They can assist with day to day needs, offer practical help, advice, and information.

You would be expected to contribute a minimum of £7 per week towards the placements. You would be responsible for all your other expenses. The cost of food and household expenses such as electricity is funded. When the time is right, you will be supported to take up your own tenancy.

The local authority in partnership with Lincolnshire Housing Partnership rent a small number of properties. These afford the opportunity for practical budgeting, learning cooking, cleaning and having more responsibility.

The Foyer

We have a good working relationship with the local Foyer. They are experienced in working with young people, including care leavers. The Foyer offers 13 self-contained flats which are very similar to university accommodation.

The Foyer have extended their provision to include more training including literacy and numeracy. They also want to have more positive activities to make it a place people want to live rather than just sleep.

This is the most expensive option for a young person and should only be contemplated when you have the skills to be able to manage money, maintain a home and problem solve sufficiently to cope. You are responsible for all their household bills- gas, electric, water, TV licence and rent.

If you are eligible you might be able to claim help with your rent through Universal Credit.

Lincolnshire Housing Partnership manage the housing stock previously owned by the council. A deposit is not required for this accommodation. You will be required to maintain the property and be responsible for all the bills.

You will be classed as a priority if you have not had a previous tenancy or any issues with anti social behaviour.

There is a crash pad provided by Doorstep. We can use this in cases of emergency. Should you need to go there – it provides a place to sleep overnight.

This is subject to it being available and you being eligible to use the crash pad.

We would also seek support for you through the homeless team.

You may be living with your family. We will need to stay involved with you, visit regularly and keep your plan up to date. It can sometimes be difficult to return to family because you have not lived together for a while. It is important you talk to your personal advisor for continued support.

Your personal advisor will discuss whether or not you still need a service from our team if you:

  • are between the ages of 16 and 18,
  • are no longer looked after, and
  • have successfully returned home to family

Under the Homelessness reduction Act 2017 the key measures in the Act are:

  • An extension of the period ‘threatened with homelessness’ from 28 to 56 days.
  • A new duty to prevent homelessness for all eligible applicants threatened with homelessness, regardless of priority need.
  • A new duty to relieve homelessness for all eligible homeless applicants, regardless of priority need.
  • A new ‘duty to refer’ – public services will need to notify a local authority if they come into contact with someone they think may be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

The Homelessness team works closely with Through Care to support you if you should be faced with being homeless. We will only share information with your consent and only that which is relevant to supporting your housing need.

Go to our Homelessness Prevention pages.

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