North East Lincolnshire Council

Planning policy

Guiding future development in the Borough

Current and recent consultations

Can help to pay for infrastructure to support new development (CIL)

The authority monitoring report (AMR)

Timetable for the local plan preparation (LDS)

How to get involved in the local plan preparation (SCI)

Detailed advice or guidance on the policies in the Local Plan (SPD)

Streamline the planning application process (LDOs)

Provides up-to-date and consistent information of all brownfield sites considered appropriate for residential development

Information on the likely social, economic and environmental effects of the local plan

Results of the assessment to determine whether the emerging local plan is likely to have a significant effect on the achievement of the conservation objectives of the European and International conservation sites

Localism Act 2011

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Local Plan adoption – 22 March 2018

Planning permission

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