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Housing related support

Help is available from staff within hostels or supported housing, it can also be given from charities, other professionals, volunteers, the council or your landlord.

Get help so you can live independently!

  • set up a safe and secure home
  • learn to look after your money, cook and clean
  • get help with claiming benefits
  • find training or a job
  • seek help and advice from social services, doctors or community groups
  • gain confidence and emotional support

How does it work?

Someone you are working with must fill in the Homelessness prevention service request for you. If you are vulnerable you may already have support available, such as sheltered housing schemes, a hostel or a refuge.

Who can access housing related support?

You must be over the age of 16 who needs help to live independently.

  • Older people with support needs
  • Older people with dementia
  • Frail and elderly people
  • People with learning disabilities
  • People with mental health problems
  • People with a physical or sensory disability
  • Single homeless people with support needs
  • Homeless families with support needs
  • Rough sleepers
  • Young people at risk
  • People at risk of domestic abuse
  • People with drug and/or alcohol problems
  • Offenders and people at risk of offending
  • Mentally disordered offenders

Help with money

If you’re worried about your money, there are many advice services available to you.

Credit Union

Credit Union want to help you make the most of your money by providing a safe and handy way to save but also guidance for getting responsible credit.


  • open a membership account for savings as much or as little as you’d like
  • different ways you can pay into the savings account
  • withdraw to your bank account or to a prepaid VISA card
  • Christmas Saver locks your savings away from temptations until 1st
  • bonus paid on money saved in December
  • children’s first saver accounts
  • your savings are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Affordable loans

  • loans from £100 to £20,000 (subject to status and affordability)
  • good interest rates paid on the reducing balance
  • cheaper than doorstep loans, payday lenders and weekly payment stores
  • flexible repayments (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)
  • ‘save as you borrow’
  • no hidden charges if you choose to repay your loan early
  • 5* fairbanking mark