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Find out the results and findings for consultations and surveys that have already completed. To see what has changed as a result of past consultations go to our You said, we did page. For further information about past consultations please contact our consultation officer at

This survey has now closed. We are using your comments to inform the detailed design.


In 2018 we secured nearly £2.1m from the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership (HLEP) to improve and carry out essential maintenance to two key industrial roads directly linked to the A180.

The two roads; Moody and Woad Lane, are the main access routes to key employment sites in Grimsby and will link to the junction of the new Humber Link Road. Work will start in March and take 10 months to complete.

This is the first phase of a planned three stage programme of road and cycle improvements to the A180 and its link roads.

The objectives of this first phase are to:

  • Maintain and enhance access to the existing industrial estates adjoining the A180 and employment sites on the South Humber Bank, improving journey time reliability for road users
  • Provide new safer off-road facilities for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Provide long term cost savings by improving the condition of the highway
  • Reduce the risk of disruption and congestion on these estate roads.

We asked for local residents and businesses to comment on the draft design for an A18 road safety scheme.

This consultation closed on Monday 25th November 2019.

The results for this consultation will be published here once available.

This consultation closed on 26 January 2020.

There were 314 responses to this consultation. The results of the 2020 budget consultation are now available Budget Consultation Results 2020 (Word)

Consultation results

There were 248 responses to this consultation. The results of the 2019 budget consultation are now available

Budget Consultation Results 2019 (Word document)

Consultation results

There were 95 responses to this consultation. The results of the 2018 budget consultation are now available

2018 Budget Consultation Results (Word document)

Supporting information

Frequently Asked Questions: Your budget questions answered (PDF)

News story: Budget survey – Time to give your views

Video: Watch our Budget survey video below.

The call for sites closed on 19 January 2018. Results will be published here when they are available.

We asked you for suggestions of potential locations where a Designated Stopping Place could be established in the borough.

By law the Council must assess and meet the need for both permanent and temporary Gypsy and Traveller pitches.

This is also a key requirement of the Local Plan, a document that provides the framework for future growth of the area.

A Designated Stopping Place is an authorised site that can be used as a temporary stopping place for members of the Gypsy and Traveller community who are travelling through North East Lincolnshire.

The most recent Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment for North East Lincolnshire, carried out in 2014, found that 15 temporary pitches are needed if the borough is to fulfil the objectively assessed need.

Fifteen pitches will provide space for 30 caravans and these could be placed in one location or split across two or three, depending on the shape and size of the site.

Related documents:

Criteria for sites and related information (PDF)

Designated Stopping Place FAQs (PDF)

We looked to get the public opinion on some possible changes regarding car parks in North East Lincolnshire.

This consultation closed on Thursday 5th March 2020.

Results will be published here once available.

This consultation closed on 20 January 2020.

We want to make sure that CCTV continues to make a difference, that’s why we are looking into new CCTV technological advancements and different ways of working, so we can be more responsive in town centres.

We wanted to understand how you feel about CCTV in North East Lincolnshire and gather your views on these new initiatives.

You can read the Draft CCTV Strategy (PDF) with this survey.

To read about the results of this consultation download the CCTV Strategy Survey – Summary of Responses (PDF).

We proposed to make some changes to our charging policy for adult care and support (social care). We wanted to know what you think about those proposals.

This consultation closed on 1 April 2020.

Results will be published here once available.

We asked local residents for their views on air quality in the area. We wanted to know what you think we should be doing to improve air quality in the area.

This consultation closed on 8 April 2020.

Results will be published here once available.

This consultation has now closed.  It was open from 8th May 2018 to 3rd July 2018. The results can be found here in the near future.

Here is a summary of the consultation:
As a council, we are working with the community to help reduce household bills and offer advice about home energy and how we can collectively reduce, manage, purchase and generate energy with an emphasis on local engagement, leadership and control.

Community groups in North East Lincolnshire have assisted and helped deliver a range of energy projects, such as: Big Community Switch, support for energy saving measures, community-owned renewable energy installations and the piloting of smart energy technologies.

However, for an energy efficiency revolution to take place, more local community groups in the borough need to be involved in community energy projects.

The following questionnaires aim to assess the opinions of local community groups and established community energy groups regarding community energy projects and support provided by North East Lincolnshire Council around community energy.

More details regarding community energy can be found at

There were 170 responses to this consultation. The Council tax support consultation results are now live.

Council Tax Consultation Results (Word document)

We asked for your views on the level of council tax support offered to households and how the system operates.

This survey closed on October 18th 2019.

The results of the survey will be published here when available.

Empty and derelict property present problems to communities and place a strain on public services. They can become a focal point for issues such as fly-tipping, anti-social behaviour and other criminal activities.

We asked you to have your say on our new strategy.

This consultation closed on 21st June 2020.

Results will be published here once available.

North East Lincolnshire Council and its regeneration partner, ENGIE, are moving forward with the second phase of carriageway and footway improvements on Estate Road 2, following Cabinet approval.

We asked you to have your say on improvements to be made to this key stretch of industrial road.

This consultation closes on Monday 3rd August 2020.

We asked for your view on the  1,2 and 20 subsidised bus service.

In 2018/2019 North East Lincolnshire Council’s budget for subsidised bus services was £162,500 and this included the delivery of the 1, 2 & 20 bus service.  Subsidised bus services are bus services that could not be operated without a council subsidy. The Council also provides the following local bus services:

– 5M bus service (delivered by Stagecoach East Midlands) – This service is grant funded by the external Access Fund project,
– Phone n Ride (delivered by Stagecoach East Midlands) – The Phone n Ride service has already been reviewed in 2019/2020.

This consultation closed on 25th February 2020.

Results for this consultation will be published her once available.

This consultation closed on 9 November 2018.

We consulted on some proposed changes to our Gambling Policy.

We received six written responses from key stakeholders. As a result we’ve added a safeguarding section and made a minor amendment in relation to local risk assessments. All respondents received a written reply and all comments were noted.

You can review the revised policy on our Gambling act policy page.

AMBITIONS to revitalise Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre and restore and preserve the historic vessels the Ross Tiger and Esther are taking a step forward.


A survey has been launched, which asks for peoples’ views on the Centre, whether they have visited in the last year and how they think it could be improved.

This consultation closed on May 18th 2020.


Results will be published here once available.

This consultation closed on Tuesday 14 August 2018.

We asked for your views about Grimsby town centre including why you visit, how you travel, your shopping habits, what you like, what would encourage you to visit more, how safe you feel, if anything puts you off the town and your view on anti-social behaviour.

Consultation Results

Grimsby Town Centre Consultation Results

Grimsby Town Centre is being offered another multi-million-pound opportunity to re-invent itself – we asked for your say on how we can do that.

Central Government monies totalling £25m have been ‘ring-fenced’ for projects in Grimsby’s central area as the next stage of the ‘Town Deal’ gathers pace. As reported, Grimsby is one of 101 urban areas across the country to be part of an expanded national Towns Fund programme.

This consultation closed on Sunday 26th July 2020.

We asked parents with children aged 0-5 about how they use the health visiting service, what they think of it and how it can be made better.

This consultation closed on Tuesday 31st December 2019. Results will be published here once available.

This consultation is now closed.

We asked for your views on our Allocation Policy to ensure that we are still meeting the needs of our customers and that we explain how our homes are allocated in a fair and transparent way.

The results for this consultation will be published here when available.

This strategy set out the local picture on homelessness – how people become homeless in our area, what they can do to prevent becoming homeless, and what support the Council and partner organisations can offer to get people back on their feet.

The consultation asked for people’s views on what the aims and priorities of the Council’s homelessness strategy should be. You were also asked about whether you find the strategy informative and easy to read.

This consultation closed on October 13th 2019.

The results of the survey will be published here when available.

This consultation closed on 20 January 2020.

We wanted to understand your views on the environment, how to improve recycling rates, food waste, Community Recycling Centres (the tips) and how recycling is collected from people’s homes.

The results of this consultation are available here (Word document)

This consultation closed on August 18th 2019.

We asked for your views on our Housing Assistance and Disabled Adaptations Policy. Specifically, your thoughts on on the purpose of loans and grants such as, reducing fuel poverty and improving access in the home to enable independent living.

You can check out the policy here: Housing Assistance and Disabled Adaptions Policy

You said We did
Means testing would block some people on the “borderline” for DFG works from getting help, and this isn’t fair We removed means testing for all DFG works funded by the council
The End of Life fast track scheme: The application time needs to be reduced The application time from start to finish will be reviewed as part of the implementation
The policy will only be effective if it backed up by innovative and efficient assessors & implementers. The council, NLaG, Navigo and CCG are working in close partnership (i.e. regarding housing options and dementia friendly adaptations) to ensure that innovative options are available which will streamline the whole process, and make use of pre-existing assessors/implementers who are “on board” with changing the way the processes are run to achieve better and faster results.
People living with dementia should receive sufficient support and care at home to meet their needs. It is recognised that Dementia friendly home assistance would be most helpful to those with dementia if put in place earlier in the dementia journey, and therefore there is a focus on ensuring those in this position can access the benefits of this discretionary DFG element easily
Get new property developers to include more disabled properties in their developments so less need to be adapted – this will build the stock of properties for disabled people to move to. There are planned adaptation works to a selection of properties proposed in future housing development. This will ensure highly sort after, fully adapted properties are available within the market. This will provide flexibility and ensure higher need service users have improved housing options.


In addition, innovative funding is being used to adapt social housing stock in line with a pilot for this policy. This is to ensure those who are most vulnerable on the home choice links register and have a need for an adapted property will have appropriate housing options available.


The first stage of the engagement process is now closed. Residents shared their views of what was important to them in Immingham and what theme the project should follow.

As part of the development of the Kennedy Way centre, the developers pledged £50,000 towards public art in Immingham. This money is from the section 106 agreement and cannot be spent on anything else.

We will now analyse the public views and use them to form part of the brief to the artists. The concept designs will be coming back to the public to select the most preferred design.

As part of the development of the Kennedy Way Centre, the developers pledged £50,000 for a new piece of public art in Immingham. In January, we asked what you thought the art should be, and presented your views to the artists. You can view the results in our Survey report (PDF).

Based on this, two artists submitted preliminary designs which we put to the public vote.

The winning submission was Pete Rogers’ Immingham Forging Forward.

This consultation has now closed.

We are aiming to create a clear and consistent approach to the fees and charges that, on some occasions, we need to apply when events are held in public spaces.

We are going to use what you told us about the new fees and charges to see if we need to make any changes.

We hope to publish the results here in May.

Our Council Land Use Policy (PDF).

This survey closed on the 19th January 2018.

North and North East Lincolnshire local authorities are underaking a review of the local oral health promotion services.

Thank you to those who participated. Your input is extremely valuable and it will inform the future direction of oral health promotionlocally.

The findings for North East Lincolnshire are available in the Oral Health Community Survey NEL (PDF).

This consultation closed on 19 February 2018.

North East Lincolnshire Council, the Police and NHS North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (the organisation that plans and buys NHS services for local people) launched Our Place Our Future, a survey for residents in North East Lincolnshire.

We asked residents to help us to understand how it feels to live and work in our area, the services that you use and the activities you undertake. This will help us to measure where you feel things are improving or getting worse, and understand how we can work better with you to tackle challenges and make the most of arising opportunities.

The core results of the consultation are below. We intend to feedback further when we can to comment on where we have used the results to inform decisions and change.

Our Place Our Future Data (PDF)

This consultation closed on Tuesday 4 February.

North East Lincolnshire Council is carrying out a project to improve the accessibility and affordability of our bereavement services.

We are looking at the options of a tearoom and pet crematorium. Any income generated by the pet crematorium and tearoom will be used to re-invest in the service.

The results of the survey will be published here.

This consultation has now closed.  We will use the findings from this consultation, and from other feedback, to create a final Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment.

The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment lists the current provision of pharmaceutical services across the area and sets out how this meets the needs of the population.

The formal consultation period ran from 18 January to 19 March 2018.

This consultation is now closed.

Play Streets allow communities to close their streets to ‘through’ traffic to allow supervised safe and free play activities. Play Streets are requested, organised and stewarded by the community for the community. Residents with cars can still access their homes and during any period of closure traffic.

Play Streets have proved really successful in other parts of the country where children were out playing for more than 70% of the time that the streets were closed.

This survey collected the views and opinions of the public in regards to trialling playstreets in North East Lincolnshire.

Thank you for helping us gain an understanding into whether or not we should trial playstreets in your local area.

There are more details about play streets at

The results of the survey will be published here when available.

This survey closed on 25 March 2018.

We are putting together an improvement plan for the area’s Public Rights of Way. These are footpaths and bridleways that give you the right to access some land for walking or certain other leisure activities. We update the plan every 10 years and we wanted to know what you think we should be prioritising over the next 10 years.

For the consultation results read the Public Rights of Way Survey Results (PowerPoint)

These consultations closed on 28 November 2018.

We wanted to know what you think about our proposed public space protection orders (PSPOs) in key public areas.

A PSPO allows us to put restrictions in specific areas such as town centres, parks and beaches.

These restrictions focused on anti-social behaviour in public places and the undesirable behaviour of irresponsible dog owners.

Consultation results

Dog control PSPO results (PDF)

Anti-social behaviour PSPO results (PDF)

Supporting documents

You can view all of the supporting documents below which will provide much more detail about the conditions.

PSPO for anti-social behaviour

PSPO for dog control

Anti-social behaviour

Map – Cleeethorps South

Map – Cleethorpes North

Map – Town centre and People’s park

Anti-social behaviour PSPO – FAQ

Irresponsible dog owners

Map – Seafront

Irresponsible dog owners PSPO – Full order

Irresponsible dog owners PSPO – General guide

The consultation was published to help us to check whether we have come to the right conclusions and have included the right actions. Your responses to this consultation helped us produce the final version of the rights of way improvement plan. The final draft of the plan will be finished in late 2020 and then adopted by the council.

This consultation closed on Monday 1st June.

This survey has now closed.

The introduction of a new public space to replace the existing surface car park, which will provide a unique gathering space at the highest point within the resort. A place in which to pause, meet friends and take in the views over the estuary or enjoy the impressive backdrop of historic buildings.

We’ll use your comments to prepare the final design, before work starts later this year.

Survey results

Sea View Street results (PDF)

This consultation closed on 10 September 2018.

Social Value requires commissioners, those who plan and buy local services, to think about how they achieve their goals in a more joined up way. Rather than thinking about services in isolation or in the short term, this new policy requires commissioners to consider long term costs, sustainability and how including Social Value outcomes can possibly reduce pressures and make the most of opportunities in other areas.

Read the Social Value Policy results (PDF).

For more information you can read the Social Value Policy (PDF).

This consultation closed on the 12th January 2020.

We asked parents/carers and children/young people about their experience and their ideas about how to improve the provision in our area.

Results will be displayed here when available

This consultation closed on 6 March 2020

Throughout the planning process community involvement and consultation plays an important role. Whether it is during the preparation of the Local Plan, other planning policy documents or when a planning application is submitted to the Council for approval.

The Council has prepared an updated Statement of Community Involvement which sets out how the Council intends to involve our communities in the planning process which influences the way development will take place in the future. It details the stages at which we carry out formal statutory public consultation and also when informal community engagement will take place as part of the preparation of planning policy documents as well as the planning application process.

We intend to publish the results in September 2020.

This survey closed on 28 October 2019


We have been working with local stakeholder groups to develop a better way to talk, listen and work with the community.


We are using your views to help develop the best way we, North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC)’ and ‘North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (NELCCG), achieve this.


View the results of the survey: Talking Listening and Working Together Engagement findings report

This project aims to create a vibrant community area that complements Grimsby Minster’s role as a heritage and arts centre.

There are two phases to the project and the first phase will focus on improving the public space and area in St James Square. Phase two will focus on the re-development of St James House.

The first phase of the project asked for people’s views on two proposed options which are based on the needs of existing and potential users of the square.

This survey has now closed. We will use your comments to influence the final design.

Survey results

St James Square results (PDF)

This survey closed on 30 September 2018.

We were interested to know how residents currently use the service, or why they don’t, and to gather thoughts about what we could do to make it more useful for our community in the next 10 years.

We’re using the information to develop some options for what the library service could look like. The options developed will go through a formal consultation in the future.

The survey results are now available in our Libraries survey feedback report (PowerPoint).

This survey closed on 8 November 2018.

We wanted to know your views on some of the proposals for the town centre, access issues, and things that could be developed to encourage more visitors.

In July this year, Government signed up to the Greater Grimsby Town Deal proposals worth around £67m. These proposals, over time, will realise more than 8,800 new jobs and nearly 10,000 new homes in the borough.

In the last few years, there have been various schemes delivered in the town centre, from the £6m Cartergate building development, to improved highways and street furniture, and more are already in development as part of the Masterplan for the town centre.

For more background about the Town Centre Investment Plans, visit

The results will be published here when available.

We asked for your views on the transformation of the waterfront in Grimsby, around the Garth Lane area. We are using the results to offer guidance on the proposed ideas.

£3.5 million in grant and support funding for the project is through the Greater Grimsby Town Deal and Local Growth Fund.

Initial ideas include a wider footbridge with new artwork, public areas, lighting and seating. New landscaping will be created from the bridge down to the river basin and work to improve the water quality and protect wildlife will be included in the scheme.

This consultation closed on 4 December 2019. The results will be published in February.

This consultation is now closed.

We wanted you to let us know what it is like to live in the Immingham ward which includes Immingham, Stallingborough, Habrough and surrounding areas.

Consultation results

Immingham Ward report (PDF)

This consultation is now closed.

We wanted you to let us know what it is like to live in the South ward which includes Nunsthorpe, Grange, Bradley Park and surrounding areas.

Consultation results

South Ward report (PDF)

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